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The Full Monty - 18 August

18 Aug 2007 07:00

Can you do the Full Monty?

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Capilano Canyon Night Run - A Midsummer Night's Dream

18 Aug 2007 20:00

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Fluffy Bunny Trail Run - 2007

4 Aug 2007 08:30

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Mary Leliveld's Happy Trails Run

2 Aug 2007 19:00

Come and join us to celebrate and remember the life of a friend who can no longer run with us.

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Flash - WCT & JDFT (Back to Back)

4 Aug 2007 04:00
5 Aug 2007 04:00
Hey all,

Flash - Garibaldi Trail Run

28 Jul 2007 07:00

Chris Benn and I are heading up to Garibaldi park to run the rubble creek course this Saturday, July 28.

Flash - Hollyburn Hurtle

28 Jul 2007 08:00

A point to point run (down) from Cypress Bowl to Edgemont Village following the Baden Powell Trail to Cleveland Dam then on quiet residential roads another 15-20 min to back to my house.

Flash - 2007 Juan De Fuca Marine Trail Run

28 Jul 2007 08:00
28 Jul 2007 18:30
So we are all done. 5 souls started 5 finished. Bob Wall, Isao Hirayama,Jeff Hunt,Caroline Goluza ,and I.

Bob, Isao and Jeff took off and , after a little bit of reorientation and re grouping,tookoff again leaving Caroline Isao and I as the caboose. After some beach walking on Bear Beach and some ankle wading on Sombrio , we were all well and working our way to Botanical Beach and the ride back. We had a happy time even though we had to deal with a lot of deepish mud. I have never run it that muddy. The lads,Jeff and Bob ran the whole trail in 7:55 We did it in 9:32. No major injuries, many wonderful views I waded through the Sombria river up to my hips and fried my camera! (time for an upgrade.)

Flash - STORMY Brick

7 Jul 2007 07:30
8 Jul 2007 07:30

    * Two back-to-back trail running days from Hell on the STORMY 50/100-mile course
    * most 100-mile runners will agree that bricks (back-to-back long runs) build character and stamina.  This little jog in the woods ought to do that

Flash - Yet another bash at the JDFT coming up!

23 Jun 2007 10:00
23 Jun 2007 15:00

Are you able to get off work and get over here for Saturday morning?

Dear Trail runners,
I am organizing yet another trail run on Saturday June 23rd, this time I want to run the stretch of the trail from Port Renfrew South.

The plan is to meet at the Botanical Beach Trailhead @ 10 am and run for 2.5 hours out then turn and return.
There will be fast people and slower trailers so the out and back format ensures that no-one get left for the bears ( just kidding!)

I have a pair of walkie-talkies which were a lot of fun last time, and could be real handy should someone get injured. Bring snacks and drinks. There is no water on the trail unless you want to dip into the creeks.

Bring a camera and your most optimistic frame of mind. Obviously if you want to hike, instead of run, you will cover way less distance and you could always turn before the half way point. It's all good. Be there or be square. Jackal

Photos of last years JFT run

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