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Club Fat Ass Events in BC

Flash - The Nifty50 Triathlon

11 Nov 2007 13:00
11 Nov 2007 20:00

The Nifty50 is a triathlon:

1. Run. A 50 minute interval session on a wide gravel trail next to a rushing river. Warm-up jog from the Griffin Gym up Mosquito Creek to the yellow bridge. Set your watch, then run or walk up to the bridge at Mount Royal Boulevard and back as many times as you want. (It usually takes me about 12 minutes round trip and I'm a lame old dog.) Jog back to the gym.

Flash - Fall Fat Ass 50K

28 Oct 2007 08:00
28 Oct 2007 15:00
What: A 50k or any portion thereof on the New Years Day route.

Ann's Get Your Fat Ass Off The Couch

20 Oct 2007 08:30

Formerly known as "Wendy's Get Your Fat Ass Off The Couch".
Please find more details about this event via the links below:

Speaker Event - Heart Rate & Lactate Based Training – Add Precision to your Training

7 Nov 2007 18:30
7 Nov 2007 20:00

Now that the 2007 racing season is winding down, it’s time to start planning how to make 2008 a year of personal bests!

Flash - Mutha's Nature Trail Run

14 Oct 2007 08:00
This is the preliminary running of an event I will host annually, and I am running it to finalise the course, and sorry to say, perfect the directions.

Capilano Canyon Night Run - A Midsummer Night's Dream

16 Aug 2008 20:00
17 Aug 2008 01:00
Don't miss this classic summer run, Saturday 16th August. Details and registration throught the links below.

Squamish Night Run

19 Jul 2008 19:00
A night run on the Stormy course as preparation for the Stormy 100 Mile runners. Details to be confirmed.

Flash - Howe Sound Crest Trail (Cancelled due to weather)

29 Sep 2007 06:00
29 Sep 2007 16:00
Come out and join me on a group run of the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

Flash - Rainforest To Sea And Back

22 Sep 2007 07:30
Run from the rainforest down to the shores of the Pacific and back and be back in time for lunch.

There will be two options:

Fluffy Bunny

2 Aug 2008 08:30

Are you tough enough for the Fluffy Bunny? Follow the links below to find out:

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