Club Fat Ass Events in Canada

Vancouver Skyline XTC (X-country Trail Challenge)

9 Jun 2012 08:00
North Vancouver, BC Canada

The Slack Ass 50

9 Jun 2013 07:00
Edmonton, AB Canada

Club Fatass Boot Camp

4 Jun 2012 18:15
4 Jun 2012 19:30
Parkgate Avenue North Vancouver

Join me for a fun, all levels Boot Camp style workout at Parkgate Park in North Vancouver. If you would like to have an alternative to a gym workout, preferably under the blue sky, but you are unsure where to start or what to do with yourself, this is for you. Maybe you are just curious and would like to meet some friends and mix it up a little. I picked a couple of innocent weekday evenings in order to not interfere with your more epic adventures, your family time, your long run or whatever else you might have planned for the weekend.

Vancouver 100

2 Jun 2012 05:00
3 Jun 2012 05:00
North Vancouver, BC Canada

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There will be several pacers and crew tweeting runners locations and conditions.  Please join the conversation, Twitter hashtag #Van100


Simon and Sean are running together and you can track them here (refresh the screen for updated location information)


Simon's Location:

Sean's Location:

North Shore Enduro

4 May 2013 08:00
4 May 2013 14:00
North Vancouver, BC Canada

North Shore Enduro

5 May 2012 08:00
5 May 2012 14:00
North Vancouver, BC Canada

Flash - Marathon Shuffle

29 Apr 2012 08:00
Powell River, BC Canada

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Burnaby Mountain Run

14 Apr 2012 09:00
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Spaghetti Trees

31 Mar 2012
East Sooke Regional Park, Victoria, BC, Canada


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Flash - Quicksilver Spring Run off - Cochrane AB

17 Mar 2012 08:30
Cochrane AB
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