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8-ball, corner pocket!

 A FRESH mop chop in anticipation of the STORMY 100. Let the games begin, Jackson!   

TRIP REPORT: Howe Sound Crest Trail Epic - Porteau Cove to Cypress

So I finally got around to writing a report for my first oh so well attended CFA event.  We had a very select crew of 2 "run" the 37 or so kilometers of the HSCT.

Everyone finished at the same time and got a time of just under 9 hours (accuracy has never been one of my fortes).

Jackson's Last-Minute 100-Miler Checklist

Yikes... I signed up for a 100-miler.  One of those stupid, last-minute things we all do from time to time.  Three days till show-time.  'Guess it's time to figure out what to pack!

My success rate in the past at long runs like this has been best if I don't spend my last hours before the start fretting about what I forgot.  Too much energy wasted on worry.

Go BIG, or go home...

That's not usually my attitude, "Go BIG, or go home...". However, it seems appropriate for the 10th 
anniversary of STORMY Ultras.

To make matters more "big", Action Jackson decided to bite off 100 because he claims Paul Cubbon and I "bullied" him in to it. We all know better. Action Jackson is certifiable, and THAT'S why he opted for 100 miles instead of 50.


Finaly it happened, My desire to "run" the Howe Sound Crest Trail has been fullfilled. Jamie Stirling, Jim Swadling and Kevin Harrison joined me on one of the most beautiful trails you could imagine. Almost 10hrs of runing, hiking, rock climbing, snow sliding and butt dragging from Cypress Bowl to Porteau Cove. I Could not have completed this jorney without these three guys. Check out the pics by Kevin, Jim and Gottfried


---> Reward <---

For information leading to the location of the elusive Tunnel of Love.

With reference to a Club Fat Ass Flash event that I unsuccessfully attempted to organize a few times over the past few years, I have reason to believe there is a tunnel of some significance near Crown Mountain in the hills above North Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

The Cypress Sweep

In the interest of maximizing the bagging pleasure in the most efficient manner, Ran, Wade and I would like to contribute this six-hour four-Bagger for your consideration.

Here's the big picture:

Peaks:  MAR, UNN (See Howe Sound Crest/Brittania Range) and HOL, STR (Cypress Group.)  May also want to include BLA for a 5-Bagger.

The Cueball Conundrum

Bothered by Bald Guys.  Pestered by Pink-Headed People.  'Wasn't sure exactly how to call this? 

Anyway, 2 bald guys have been ganging-up on me and I'm really not sure what to do about it?  Paul Cubbon and Jason Eads, if you're looking for names.

My first thought was to ignore them.  This has actually bought me some time, but has not resolved the underlying issue.  You see, they want me to run 100-miles with them.

My Weekend as Domestique

Views during the Fat Dog 100 Miler

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