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The Missouri "Trailogy" Series - sharing the love with my friends in B.C.!

The Bagging of Capilano

Capilano Mountain is one of the handful of peaks in the Bagger Challenge I'd not yet bagged, so when Neil contacted me about sneaking off to bag it mid-week, I was on it like white on rice.

Why I Love the Bagger Challenge

Yesterday (a week day), I bagged a peak for the first time with my friend Neil the ChickenMan.  Immediately upon my return, I went to a street party where none of the attendees were Baggers.  My non-bagging friends could not understand what could possibly motivate someone to play hooky and go for a 6-hour run on an obscure trail.  All this for bragging rights on a claim to have reached the peak of an obscure mountain peak and making it home alive in time for dinner.

Good question!

Flatlander's 6hr & 12hr race with St. Louis Ultrarunner's Group - Fenton, MO

Twelve hours is a long time to be running. Last year I tried this race in the 6hr format. I managed 40+ miles in 2009. This year, I wanted to "go big". Problem is, I've been racing too much lately, and I'm only 1 month off of a 100 miler at STORMY. I knew going in to Flatlanders this year that it probably wasn't going to be "my day". Not getting injured became my goal for this one.

Hood To Coast 2010 - The STL Coasters!

Following Gary Robbins during his ECT Run

 By popular demand for those of you wanted to know how Gary is doing, here is the Twitter feed and here is a link of the time lines that Rick Arikado put together from Gary's tweets todate: https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=10UoCCvfyjO6EhxIO45h4of8KUucY4PyWQeYD2czMUM8epkw3JBm8n8fSMiUd&hl=en&authkey=CIXz--QG

The Royal Sweep - Video from the Brokeback Mountain Heli Team

Enjoy the latest adventures of the Brokeback Mountain Heli Team.  They were only 4-hours late this time, didn't miss dinner and didn't need to camp out under a rescue blankie, though...

Why Run 100s?

"What in God's name would motivate anyone to even think about running 100-miles," a work colleague asked late Friday when I shared my weekend plans with her.

STORMY 100 Race Report - The 10th Anniversary!

“What are you, a meteorologist????” It began with rain...

Bagging Mount Strachan

The stars lined up to see my friend Pat, my 12 year old son and 14 year old second cousin visiting from Germany ready for an assault on Mount Strachan and Hollyburn this past Thursday.

The forecast was for possible thunder showers in the afternoon and the morning dawned hot, humid and ominously dark.  A quick check of my email showed that Pat didn't cancel or question the weather.

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