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Harvesting Spaghetti Trees

Pat and I were the only mainlanders following teagirl's call to harvest Spaghetti Trees in East Sooke Park this past Saturday. A shame really, as the scenery, trails and superb event hosting by Katie make this a must-do trip for any Fat Ass worth their trail shoes ;-)

Spaghetti Trees by the Token Male

This was my second running of the soon to be Spring "Classic".

Kate had managed to convince the weather Gods to shine on us.

I was running with four well prepared women, the nuclius of which was my Sunday long run group, plus one brave newbie to CFA and my group of "usual suspects".

April Fools Bag Bowen

April 1st is the first day of the North Shore Bagger Challenge.  It's also April Fools day.
I trust Environment Canada. So 'round about 11:00 last night when Conroy calls me to see if I am into earning some first bagging bragging rights, I consulted the most reliable weather website I know of before opting-in. I truly didn't suspect that Environment Canada would say it was going to be warm and sunny if it wasn't going to be warm and sunny.

Pacer's Perspective - G.U.T.S. Reactor Run 100, Dawsonville, GA

G.U.T.S. Reactor Run 100 (GRR100) Inaugural Year (GUTS=Georgia Ultrarunning & Trail Society)

Below: Dawson Forest in Northern Georgia


Sunshine Coast Trail shelters & huts

Over the last year and a half the Powell River Parks and Wilderness Society (PR PAWS) has built four large shelters and a hut in strategic locations along the Sunshine Coast Trail (SCT). Our plans call for two more shelters and another hut to be built this year and next. Together with some B&Bs they will provide shelter/accommodation every 10 to 20 km so hikers don't have to carry a tent.

Name Change for the "Monty".

I have been thinking about this for some time now and this is what I am proposing.

The 1/2 Monty should in future be called. "The Monty". and the 50K (double distance) should remain as the "Full Monty".

This will also be the first year that I will offer a 12K out and back on Joclyn hill, which should be refered to as the " Joclyn Jaunt".The perfect run for active support crew members...

All on the same trails, out and back.

I'm excited?

Will it happen?

I think so.

Man Found Unconscious After Night Run

Last night was the 9th annual MardiGras version of the Club Fat Ass Capilano Canyon Night Run. This run takes about 90 minutes and is a great way for trail and road runners to get a feel for what it's like to run in the night. It's a very low-key event: Nobody really cares how far or fast participants run. There are 12 and 17-kilometer run courses, but there's also a "roll-your-own" distance for those who want to run farther, shorter or to accommodate those who get lost. 

The Scrambler 2011

The Squamish Scrambler has got to be my  favorite winter running event.  Held every February in the mountains above Squamish, BC, it's a magical half-marathon on snowshoes.

Ultrarunning vs. Triathlons

When asked, "What's your favorite sport?", I always have to stop and think about the question. 

I love sliding on snow in all of its forms (downhill, cross-country, back-country skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding.)  If I could do anything I darn-well pleased and money was no object, it would surely be descending steep slopes of deep, dry, untracked powder on a sunny, sub-zero day.  Unfortunately, heli-skiing and cat-skiing are more addictive and expensive than crack, so I don't do them that often.

On Bonking

This past Saturday was the 9th Annual Seymour Super Fun Run.  Although I signed up for the 27K, I had no intention of running that far.  Saturday was supposed to be the day I cleaned the gutters, raked the leaves and completed other yard work. Have to be responsible, after all.

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