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Tenderfoot Boogie 2011 50k - 2nd Ultra Builds on 1st

They say some things in life are better the second time around.  I was hoping that would the case for running ultras, as I find the mental and physical challenges of these events (and the planning that can go into one's raceday strategy) irresistible.

South Lynn Peak - Water Bag / Rob's first RUN

 I originally had big plans with my housemate Rob to go climb the N ridge or Roach this past weekend, but with a 100% chance of showers on Saturday and a deteriorating Sunday forecast for Lytton we stayed home and slept in Saturday.   But waking up in the city after planning to escape it made me antsy, so I managed to convince Rob to come on a run with me.
Rob had previously told me that he "didn't like running"
I told him he just didn't like running in Ontario on roads... BC is different.

Good Luck Knee Knackerers!

At the Club Fat Ass Steering Committee meeting last night, we noticed that 75% of the people in attendance were either running in the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail run or volunteering for the race. 

Swash-BUCKLERS, Band of Thieves: 2011 Western States Endurance Run

I had the distinct pleasure of being invited to help pace & crew Mr. David Crerar, a highly capable and experienced ultra runner, at the 2011 Western States 100-miler. What an honor! Here's a little bit about the journey before and during the event.

Croom Fools Run 50k - Brooksville, FL - April 2011

So this report is SLIGHTLY past due...reminds me of High School. 

Much like Club Fat Ass and my friends, St. Louis Ultrarunner's Group, Florida has the Florida Ultrarunner's Group. FLURs as we like to refer to them. Fun loving bunch, with a few great Ultrarunning events around Florida.

The Bagging of Apodaca

Mount Apodaca. A-po-da-ca.  Sounds like some exotic peak in the Pyrenees or maybe the South American Andes, doesn't it?

In fact, Apodaca is a pimple on the face of Bowen Island.  OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration... it's a festering boil on Bowen's butt end.

Getting ready for the Vancouver 100

 See the 360 degree video here.

9 Ways to Not Train for the Vancouver Sun Run
















2011 Spaghetti Trees Results


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