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Mount Fromme - Victoria Day

After having the long weekend cut short by rain what better way to celebrate the holiday that a bit of peak and bagging and I had never been to Fromme so where better to start.

The route.

1. Parked at the junction of Dempsey / Bramear.

2. Dempsey Trail to St Mary's to St Georges to Per Gynt.

3.  It was really raining alot by the time we got the mountain highway.

4.  Found the quarry and took Bills trail from the North East corner (green piece of flagging tape)

Lessons learned on the Road - My first Half Marathon.

Most people don't believe me when I tell them that Sunday's BMO was my first Half marathon...but it was. I have run the distance many times as part of a marathon, ultra or training run but have never tried to race the distance.

Saving Lives - One Penny At A Time


North Shore Rescue

Fool's GOLD - 2012 Croom Fool's Run 50k

Learning is something I like to do. I don’t necessarily like learning in conventional ways (e.g.

Dalma's 2012 goals

Going back to about 2004 I realized that I was in horrible shape and needed to do something about this. In Jan 2005 I joined my first Sun Run clinic hosted at the False Creek Comm Centre. I managed to drag myself through my first 10 K run.

As I stuck with this I found myself improving to the point where I completed 2 Scotia Bank 1/2 marathons.

In 2011 I found life got in the way and for the last half of the year I didn't run a step. Looking in the mirror it's quite evident that I had stopped running.

Elk Beaver Ultras 2012 online


This is the link for the online registration.

The web site will be brought up to date this week and the group rate accommodation at the Howard Johnsone is available from me, when you register I will give you the code for the Hotel.


Phone call between Bob Wall and Jeff Hunt...


Just got off the phone with Bob Wall. He ran (solo) the trail succesfully yesterday in 14 hrs. He reported that the water and mud was extreme, and the fact that he was running the trail in Fall conditions made things very physical. He left at 4:30 am, and finished by swimming across the fianl river at 6:30 pm.

Fat asses running for Science

This week-end, several of us went to the Pacific Spirit Regional Park for a 75k ultra organized by the Cardiovascular Physiology and Rehabilitation Lab at UBC. I counted at least 5 CFA members at the start on Saturday. A second run was organized on Sunday with a separate group of runners.

To the Bluffs

'Twas a beautiful Saturday morning

just after sun up when Baggers

William and Reagan started Seymour to ascend

What trail there was though faint at times

went up with twists and turns to

seemingly no end.


Rock, rocks, and more rocks!

Roots, roots, and more roots!

All to side step or trip upon.


Then can you believe snow fields

Running the West Coast Trail in One Day

After a glorious and triumphant return to the trail last weekend, I've updated the CFA posting on running the West Coast Trail in one day, which is a matter of some logistic complexity, caused particularly by the fact that the south trailhead is accessible only by water.

The 2011 update, along with a copy of my original 2006 article, is found here.

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