Bagger Challenge 2011

2011 Bagger Adventures are listed here.

Baggin' Black

To repeat a 2010 Bagger Challenge ruling, all Kneeknackerers who get there qualify for a Black Bag.

You need not bowl over the hapless aid station volunteers and gain the extra 2 metres to the summit BLA proper to qualify.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. Protect your kidneys.

Lynn and Needle Peaks

The full trip report including photos for the 2011-07-05 trip is here:


There are a total of 5 peaks along the Needles / Lynn Ridge with the most direct approach for all being from Hydraulic Creek. The generally recognized main summit of Lynn Peak is the one immediately south of the Hydraulic Creek drainage (the north peak). The one immediately beyond the viewpoint at the top of the Lynn Pk trail is referred to as "South Lynn Peak" on bivouac.com.

Let the Bagging Begin

Wednesday June 22nd marks the start of the main Bagging Season, after the Howe Sound preamble for hyperkinetic baggers.

Bagger Central, as well as information on a new peak, and other innovations for this year's Bagger Challenge: www.clubfatass.com/calendar/baggerchallenge/2011

Gardner, Collins, and Apodaca (Bowen Island) in a day

With millions of dollars of satellite technology at my disposal I decided that these peaks would be safe and feasible to do as a solo triple day bag.

Distance: 39.5km, Time: 9:06:00, Elevation Gain: 1550m








Steps required for success:

The Bagging of Apodaca

Mount Apodaca. A-po-da-ca.  Sounds like some exotic peak in the Pyrenees or maybe the South American Andes, doesn't it?

In fact, Apodaca is a pimple on the face of Bowen Island.  OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration... it's a festering boil on Bowen's butt end.

April Fools Bag Bowen

April 1st is the first day of the North Shore Bagger Challenge.  It's also April Fools day.
I trust Environment Canada. So 'round about 11:00 last night when Conroy calls me to see if I am into earning some first bagging bragging rights, I consulted the most reliable weather website I know of before opting-in. I truly didn't suspect that Environment Canada would say it was going to be warm and sunny if it wasn't going to be warm and sunny.


I am a wanderer and mountain-climber, said he to his heart, I love not the plains, and it seemeth I cannot long sit still.

Bagger Challenge is back: www.clubfatass.com/events/BaggerChallenge/NorthShore


The Bagger's Essential Companion


A few weeks ago while running the STORMY 50-miler, I got to chatting with my pals Rick and Ken to pass the time.  The Bagger Challenge and our experiences to date were top of mind.

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