New Years Day Potlatch - Free Stuff!

The spirit of potlatch will be celebrated on New Years day 2013.  Those of the running clan unite!  

Young warriors and those fleet of feet.  Those with knackered knees and other scars of battle.  Barefoot or in trail shoes, wearing cotton or microfiber utility kilt... We will face the elements together... and feast after our ordeal:

  • free run
  • free food
  • free swim
  • free lukewarm shower
  • free beer
  • free love

If you would like to attend, please let the honorary Chief of the Vancouver NY Day FA50 know by Sunday evening.


  • all guests should be members of the Fat Ass clan.  The Fat Ass clan welcomes all from the running clan to join for the year or just for the day 
  • those of the Trail Runner Magazine clan have sent messengers with gifts.  You may get a free magazine when you sign-in for the New Years Day ordeal
  • the free food may not be enought to go around.  I will have some gels and bars and fellow clan member Peter Stace-Smith has offered to share his wealth, as well, which he will distribute from his roving war wagon.  You are encouraged to bring what you feel you will need.  Consider sharing with those who are suffering with deamons during their ordeal
  • guests are reminded that Mother Pacific is brisk and unforgiving.  If you wish all members of the clan to bow before you, as they did the great warrior Sammy Lotfi-Pour, you will need to remain in the water for more than 22 minutes.  Don't forget a towel! 
  • your free beer will be served fresh from the well of plenty at the Mosquito Creek Grill starting around 4:00 pm.  The proprietor of this longhouse has prepared a great feast for you to enjoy after your ordeal, but since he must feed his clan, you can anticipate he may want to trade you food for your plastic card
  • the great warrior, Dave Cressman... Chief of the Distance Runwear clan, member of the Fat Ass clan and one who has been first to finish this ordeal on several occasions many moons ago, will be bearing gifts for Fat Ass clan members who have accomplished great deeds in 2012.  Be sure to attend the feast at the Mosquito Creek Grill!
  • show your love for Mother Nature.  Please pick up any trash you find during your ordeal and let your honorary chief know, as Mother Nature appreciates it and your host will award free clan points
  • you will be greated with a hug.  If you miss your hug, you can claim it at any time.  Share the love and run with a stranger... you never know!  
  • guests who arrive hung-over are reminded that whining is not an option
  • guests who are not quite up to running 50K are reminded that it is honorable to show up and run or hike whatever you can

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Ean Jackson's picture

Free Accommodation

I forgot that one...

Have a bunk-bed, a few sleeping bags and lots of floor space.  Comes with free wine from bottom of bottles left over from night before, free oatmeal, toast and coffee and a free ride to the start!


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