Go Deep Results - 2007

2007-08-25 Go Deep 001

25 August 2007 - Starter photo

Go Home Report

The Fat Ass Eastern Alliance was well-represented in the 19 fresh, frisky runners at the start of the 2007 Go Deep or Go Home event.  The day started cool and overcast, as predicted, with rain holding off until well after the beers at Mosquito Creek had been downed. The dry trails kept the Deep Cove Baden-Powell and Ned’s interesting.

Curb, Geoff, Rob and Desmond, had a fast first loop.  Great job guys.  

We were joined by visitor Sebastian, fresh off his plane from Montreal late the night before and wondering if there would be rocks on the course. Seems Sebastian runs roads and had never run 20 K before. Kudos to Monty for keeping Sebastian on-trail and under 3 hours. That was a flying finish!  Awesome job, also, for Arlene and Cynnimon who have now got the route nailed.

Lorraine took the Purple Heart, not for the cracking sound of her ankle, but for the trail-rash on her knee. Seems she had a dust-up on dusty Ned’s.

Soon-to-be birthday girl Carolyn and entourage of the running-accomplished Maple Ridge FA’ers used the run as a kick-off for a party-hard day.

Awesome day. Mellow, mellow, good vibes and karma. Many thanks to Arlene and Kinesys for the prizes and to Mosquito Creek Bar & Grill for the après-run beer!

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Name Distance Time Points
Curb Ivanic 20km 2:22 1
Geoffrey Palmer 20km 2:22 2
Rob Ruff 20km 2:24 2
Desmond Mott 20km 2:31 3*
Sebastien Flamand 20km 2:59 2
Monty Watts 20km 2:59 2
Arlene MacAuley 20km 3:09 2
Kim Taylor 20km 3:09 2
Neil Ambrose 20km 3:10 2
Baldwin Lee (LS 8:30) 20km 3:30 2
Cynnimon Rain 20km 3:30 2
Craig Moore 20km 3:32 2
Carrie Walsh 20km 3:32 2
Carolyn King 20km 3:38  2
Marla Allen 20km 3:38 2
Lorraine Suomi 20km 3:48 2**
Sibylle 20km 3:48 2
Rhonda Schuller Custom 3:13 2
Cheryl Johnson Custom 3:13 3***
Philippe Flamand DNS   -1
* 1 point for picking up garbage
** Purple Heart Award
*** EH Award