Go Deep Results - 2006

Go Deep or Go Home - 2006 Starter Photo
26 August 2006 - Starter Photo

What a way to end the summer. 30 odd folks out to have fun on the North Shore trails for the 2006 Go Deep or Go Home.  A lot of things on the line: course records, best wipe out, 4 primes, 4 Montrail shoes, a $2500 entry into the Rock and Ice Ultra and a few more goodies. 
The large pack (best turn out yet) went out relaxed but Gary Robbins and Adrian LaSalle-Lowe wanted to push for the $20 prime for North Shore Athletics. As they went ahead, veteran runner Andy Nicol showed these young guns. They missed the turn running an extra half hour up the mountain while Andy stayed with me and snatched the first prime (and fastest time). Megan Rose managed to push for the woman's prime just ahead of Christine Rybak. 
We had Erik Jackson and Johanna Jackson taking part in the custom version setting the record for the youngest to take part in th run, and we had Phil Dove from New Zealand testing his footwork (he fell off one bridge). 
So who took this photo? Well, apparently Red Bull cruises race web sites because two twenty-something gals showed up with Red Bull at 7:00 a.m. 
Ali and John Jones ran strong but pulled one of my tricks. Going really off course but they still ran a custom two laps for approximately 4 hours. Good work. Ali will get the female 40km Prime but David Cerar was the only person to complete two full laps and snagged the male 40km Prime.
Desmond Mott informed me there were too many instructions and Arlene MacAuley uttered something about getting lost and directions ;o) They both earned an extra point for picking up garbage.
Best Wipe-Shay Wilson-I hope to get the pic of her knee!
Best quote-I asked Rhonda Schuller what her time was and she told me "I had an excellent time" so that is what it goes down in the record book as!
Wade Repta (my brother) won the Rock and Ice ultra entry (it was not fixed!!)
Thanks to everyone for coming out, thanks to the supporters (sponsors) of the race and see you in November for Go Home. The Go Deep is yet to be run. Next year I'll up the purse for that distance. Maybe old Jackson will take a stab at it.

Name Distance Time Points
David Crerar 40km 5:32 2
Andy Nicol 20km 2:10 2
Bill Dagg 20km 2:16 2
Mark Grist 20km 2:17 1
 John Dove  20km  2:17  2
Patrick Thrift 20km  2:17 2
John Macgrath 20km 2:18 1
Mark Fearman 20km 2:18 2
Megan Rose 20km 2:18 2
Dom Repta 20km 2:21 3**
Wade Repta 20km 2:21 2
Desmond Mott 20km 2:24 3*
Christine Rybak 20km 2:28 2
Russ Chore 20km 2:28 2
Phil Dove 20km 2:29 2
Lannie Thielen 20km 2:30 1
Derrick Johnstone 20km 2:45 2
Adrian Lasalle-Low 20km 2:46 2
Gary Robbins 20km 2:46 2
Michelle Fredette 20km 3:00 1
Isabelle Thielen 20km 3:10 1
Arlene MacAuley 20km 3:10 3*
Elke Bauer 20km 3:20 2
Shay Wilson 20km 3:30 2
Cheryl Johnson 20km 3:40 2
Cynimmon Rain 20km 3:40 2
Sharon Bryson 20km 4:45 2
 Steve  Deller  4:45  2*
Rhonda Schuller 20km Excellent Time 2
Ali Jones Custom 4:00 2
John Jones Custom 4:00 2
Erik Jackson Custom Fun Time 2
Ean Jackson Custom Good Time 2
Johanna Jackson Custom Good Time 2
Louise Oram DNS   -1
Paul Purin DNS   -1

*   Bonus Point
** Event Host Point