Seymour Valley Sunday Run / Bike 25k

16 Dec 2012 08:00
North Vancouver


There is a new Bridge Connecting the Spur 4 Trail and the Seymour Valley trail close to the Seymour Dam. This should make for a loop of approximately 25km length. This can be a good tune up for the New Year's Day 50k.

The route is suitable for running or biking alike (a mixture of fairly smooth trail, gravel road and some paved road). You may even choose to take turns and share a bike with a friend/partner. I hope some of the people who currently have issues preventing them from running come out and ride this one to meet, mingle and get a workout. If you do choose to bike you want to be comfortable riding on gravel and you still need to monitor the trail for some minor obstacles that might force you to get of if you are not comfortable riding them. Make sure you are cautious on any bridges or boardwalks since these tend to be slippery.


We start at the trailhead at the end of Riverside Drive in North Vancouver on Sunday December 16th at 8am.


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The route follows Fisherman's trail. After crossing twin bridges take a right turn to stay on Fisherman's. After a while you will be crossing a looooong boardwalk. There are signs which tell you to walk your bike, which really might be a good idea depending on the conditions. Keep going on Fisherman's until there are signs pointing to Spur 4 bridge to your right. Follow the signs and cross the river. Take a left to stay on Spur 4 trail shortly after the bridge. Follow the trail for about 6km until you get to the Bear Island Bridge on your left hand side. Crossing the bridge will get you very close to the Fish Hatchery right by the Seymour Dam. There will be a trail section of approximately 1km before you hit the paved road. Follow the road for just over 4km until you reach the Hydraulic Connector trail to your left. This is a bit of a downhill and there are speedgates too, so be cautious. Cross the Seymour mainline, which is the other paved service road until the trail brings you all the way back down to Fisherman's trail. Take a right and retrace your steps back along Fisherman's trail across twin bridges and back to the starting point.

If you would like to shorten the course there are good options for that. You can go straight up the hill after crossing the twin bridge. That will get you to the Gazebo at the beginning of the Seymour Valley trail. You may then follow the trail either for 1.2km and go down circuit 8 trail or approximately 6km to go down the hydraulic connector. In either case take a right on Fisherman's on the bottom to return to the starting point.

If you have recently been on the trail and have any additional information or corrections please let me know.


Check out the file attachment for the LSCR map.

I am happy to answer any questions about the event, so please don't hesitate to contact me.

Entry: There is no fee and you don't need to be a member of Club Fat Ass to participate in a Flash event, however whining is not allowed.

No registration is required but please indicate your participation via the comment form below. You are responsible for your own well being and safety and should be self sufficient.

PARTICIPATE AT YOUR OWN RISK: YOU ARE WAIVING LEGAL ACTION: By participating in this event you agree to be wholly responsible for your own well-being and agree not to sue anyone associated with this event or Club Fat Ass or any person in relation to this activity. By participating in this event you agree to the terms of the Release of All Claims

See you there,


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Marc's picture

What a beautiful day to be out in the Seymour Valley

There were a total of 5 brave souls who came out this morning.

Sibylle and Michele were out for about an hour and already posted a couple of pictures. Andy ran up from Jaycee House and joined us up to Hydraulic connector before looping back (he even took the time to leave or hop a message in the snow for us to find on the return trip). Eric and I made it all the way and I dare to boltly claim it was the best possible day to do it. We started on a clear trail, went through some slush and ran the entire back half of the course in about 10cm of snow. Eric has the pictures to prove it and he promised to upload them to CFA's Flickr account.

The entire loop turned out to be just over 30km and took us about 3:20 to complete. In dry conditions you might do it a little faster, but then again the snow took the edge of the road and the gravel sections.

I am sure with the rain that started this afternoon most of the snow will be wiped out by the morning.

I will post this run again in the future, so if you thought about coming out, but didn't make it today, there will be a chance.

Keep an eye out for some more Seymour Sunday's in January too.

See you out there,


Seymour Sunday Run Fun

Thanks for the run Marc and Andy but the snow was more like 2 feet at the turnaround.
I posted the photos to Flicker but not sure if I did it correct to show up?


Sibylle's picture

Looks like you uploaded the

Looks like you uploaded the photos properly to the flickr group.  I tagged them with SeymourSunday and SeymourSunday2012.  If you have a moment you can also tag with ClubFatAssEvents2012 and ClubFatAssEvents.  

Since Marc is planning to make these Sunday training runs a fairly regular thing over the winter, I'l like to rig up a better structure for showcasing the runs/reports and photos.  Will chat with Marc about that.

Sibylle's picture

That sounds like a perfect

That sounds like a perfect way to start a wintry Sunday morning.  I'd love to come out for 1h run or so...but need to check my and my teens schedule first...apparently there is some Christmas baking scheduled sometime this weekend.

Will you be hosting Seymour Sundays more often again over the winter?


Marc's picture

Seymour Sundays

Seymour Sunday will be back. Not every week but I hope to end up at maybe ten events throughout the dark month. I have a few nice ideas for loops that might be at least partially new to some people. I was also thinking of making it a snowshoe outing on one or a couple occasions. I hope this Sunday will bring some bikers out along with runners. I know they are out there.
Sibylle's picture

Failing last minute bailing,

Failing last minute bailing, I will bring a friend along for a 1h run.

I'm going to come out for an

I'm going to come out for an abridged version as well, maybe only as far as Homestead and back. I like the idea of some future Seymour Sunday Snowshoeing, I'd be there.

Marc's picture

sounds good

I have another friend who should be out on his bike on Sunday. I am glad we are gaining some momentum here. See you on Sunday.

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