Group Run Course

Please scroll down for a printer friendly version of this course description. CFA events are not marked. If you don't want to get lost, make sure you bring the description in a plastic baggie to the start. You can have a look or purchase a detailed topo a map of the course here.





meet at the yellow beacon – 3515 Fairmont Road, North Vancouver. Please make sure you sign in at the start and check out at the finish. If for some reason you don't check in at the finish, please call us at 604-904-6552 with your time and whereabouts, so we know you are accounted for.






start – the street



This first fairly flat section is a mix of trail and street that gets you to Capilano Canyon via the direct route.



- run down Fairmont Road to the first corner. Turn right. (Forest Hills Road.)



- Go straight on Forest Hills Road and continue 4 blocks to trail where street ends. After about 10m on trail, it veers left. Go right at first intersection and down to pavement. Go along street to first corner and turn right (Emerald Street)



- take Emerald Street to little footbridge over creek. Cross street (Sunset) and continue on trail immediately opposite. At trail intersection, go straight and contour Eldon Park on the trail



- at trail end turn right to park entrance, turn right again onto Eldon Street



- continue on Eldon, cross Capilano Road and continue about 100m straight to trail head (TransCanada Trail)



This section in Capilano Canyon has a little something for everyone: Paved roads, gravel roads, wide trails and narrow, rooty, muddy ones.



- turn left onto trail and continue downhill to Capilano Park Road. Turn right and follow road downhill to fish hatchery on LHS facing traffic



- at hatchery, turn left onto trial. After about 100m, turn right onto footbridge and cross river.



- on far shore of river, turn right then left after about 200m. Follow the wide gravel trail steeply uphill. Turn right on Giant Fir trail. Pass by 350 year old giant firs. Watch for owls! Turn right at trail end after set of stairs.



- follow wide gravel road uphill about 50m. Turn left on Capilano Pacific trail



- stay on Capilano Pacific trail as it meanders downhill along the canyon wall until after you cross under the Upper Levels Highway. Watch for roots and steep drop offs to the left. After bike gate, trail will become wider and more open. Go left. The trail will eventually turn to pavement (Keith Road) and go under the Upper Levels Highway. After about 700m (at intersection of Keith and 3rd Avenue) take the trail to your left.



- where trail hits the river, turn left. Follow the riverbank trail about 100m then turn left immediately before bridge. Cross bridge on sidewalk (RHS). At far bank, cross road and take tiny trail at the edge of the bridge onto riverbank trail heading up river.



Aid #1 – Ron and Cathy Adam’s place (the house with the glass fence). If you left beer or margueritas, they will be cool. Otherwise expect water and moral support from Cathy



This final section is net uphill on wide trails and a few street sections. Be sure to take care when crossing streets



- about 25m up the trail, turn right on a small trail through a piney woods. At the clearing, stay left and follow narrow trail through the grass. You will reach Capilano Road. Bowser Trail is opposite and about 10m to the right of where you stand. CROSS CAREFULLY!



- you will now contour the bottom of the cliff on Bowser Trail for about 1500m to Pemberton Street. Pass a playground and a few dead-end streets. At Pemberton go right to Marine Drive then left on Marine approximately 3 blocks to Hamilton Ave.



- at Hamilton Ave., turn left onto 17th Street. Cross Fell Avenue and enter Mosquito Creek Park. Take trail left up Mosquito Creek Park



- you will now follow the left bank of Mosquito Creek to the finish. Hopefully, you will meet up with the Individual runners along this section. Go under the Upper Levels Highway. At the junction with the paved trail follow the Trans Canada Trail sign.



- Stay right at the skateboard park. Cross the street (Queens Road) carefully and take Del Rio Drive to the top of the street. Enter the trail. You will go up a small hill. About 20m on the other side, take the first path to your left up to the street (Forest Hills Road.)



- At the first intersection (Fairmont Road) turn right and sprint…






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