Lead-foot Longworth's Lighthouse Loop - NOTE NEW START TIME!

14 Oct 2012 10:00
Lighthouse park, starting from Water Lane entrance

Run loops of Lighthouse Park in honour of my little sister Emily's birthday, followed by brunch at the Pemberton Heights Corner Store. My sis was known as "Lead-foot Longworth" by her running pals 'cause she always set off like a lightning bolt, and Lighthouse Park is one of the only places she & I ever managed to run together. This is a fairly leisurely Sunday morning run around the "perimeter" of Lighthouse Park, I'll probably do two loops (one counter-clockwise, then one clockwise) but feel free to do one or lots! I think Lighthouse Park is sort of a forgotten gem for trail runners on the North Shore - come rediscover the magic :)

Afterwards, join us for another hidden gem of the North Shore: brunch at the Pemberton Heights Corner Store! ***Turns out I can't make it to brunch (invited to mum's house for pancake lunch!) but it's so excellent I'm leaving it up here so people read about it & hopefully give it a try*** Excellent bennies (lots of different options - my favourite is with guacamole & bacon, the "Sowden Swinger"!) also pancakes, baked goods, salads, paninis... Feel free to just join us for brunch without doing the run (probably around noon). Eat local :) The Corner Store

Our version of the Lighthouse Loop is:

Enter off Water Lane (trailhead is just west of 4860 Water Ln), Deer Fern to Salal loop (turn right on Salal Loop), through parking lot to northernmost entrance of Juniper Loop, Juniper Loop to Seven Sisters, check out the Lighthouse at the viewpoint then proceed to Valley Trail, turn right at Arbutus Trail, take a quick break at Eagle Point to see the view, continue along Arbutus, turn right at Maple Trail to complete the loop. Then do it all again, the other way 'round. Refer to trail map for more info: Lighthouse Park Trail Map

Read more about my little sis here: Lead-Foot Longworth!

Please leave a comment if you're planning to join in. I know the weather forecast isn't great so I won't be surprised if I'm out there on my own smiley


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Start time officially changed to 10am

Start time officially changed to 10am

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Start time may change to 10am!

I'm waiting to hear back from the people I know are coming about a change in start time - if it works for them, start time will be changed to 10am (a little bit easier for we with baby to have a tiny lie-in, and still get our combined act together). To confirm, I'll write a new comment here and edit the original posting. Now I bet even the crazies who run 50k starting at 7am would be able to come :)

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Hi Teagirl, I would love

Hi Teagirl,

I would love to join you, rain and all, but have a CPR course booked all day.  

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Thanks, learn well!

Thanks for wanting to come :)

CPR's an excellent skill, good job keeping on top of it - see you another time.

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