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The terrain for the loinger courses is remote and extremely technical.

Course Description 

  • 23.8.2008; 8:30 - Start
  • Cross over the bridge spanning Lynn Creek. There will be a kiosk with a sign asking you to sign in and sign out . Don’t bother as I will have your name and phone #.
  • Take the wide trail to your LEFT (Lynn Loop Trail) going through the barrier and keeping the creek on your left.
  • In about 2 km there will be a trail junction . Keep LEFT and follow the Cedars Mills Trail.
  • Another 2.3 km further on you will come to a open rocky area called the 3 rd Debris Chute
  • There will be a metal container on your right (a North Shore Rescue cache)
  • Go RIGHT, away from the creek for about 30 meters and there will be a trail junction with a post and a small map. Turn LEFT into the forest.
  • You are now on the Headwaters Trail. Follow this trail for another 2 km or so and you will reach Norvan Creek. Norvan Falls is to your RIGHT via a small trail about 100 meters up. Be careful around the cliffs near the falls. If this is as far as your going, trace your steps back to the parking lot, for a 12 km run.
  • For those going farther in to the Hanes Valley:
  • When you reach Norvan Creek head LEFT to a metal bridge crossing the creek. Take note of the sign warning that this is a back country route. Do not proceed if you are not prepared and carry backcountry gear, emergency gear and enough food and fluids.
  • After crossing the bridge follow the small trail and trail markers which in about 1 km or so will lead you to another trail junction. There will be another post with a map. Turn LEFT towards Lynn Creek.
  • The creek crossing can be tricky at certain times of the year. There should be no problem in August, but do be careful.
  • When you get to the creek. You will see some trail markers directly across from you on a tree. This is where you want to get to.
  • There should be a large log-jam right in front of you and just beyond that a large log spanning the creek. This is one way of crossing. Just be careful as a fall from the log will hurt.
  • Another way is to follow the flagging that will take you further down the creek to a small island in the middle of the creek. Here the creek is a little more shallow and you might be able to wade across or jump from rock to rock. Rocks can be slippery. If you do cross here, once across, follow the markers back to the tree that you first saw as you came down the trail.
  • There is only one trail that I am aware of on this side of the creek
  • Follow the trail markers for about 2.5 km heading away from Lynn creek. You should soon hear another creek on your left, this is Hanes Creek. The trail crosses a few creeks on the way. The trail is mildly undulating.
  • You will soon come to an open area where there is a helicopter landing pad. There will also be a post with a small map on it. From here you can see the col that you are heading to. It will be the small dip on the ridge to the west. Keep this reference point.
  • Continue on the trail and back into the trees for a few 100 meters. You will soon pop back out into the open and onto some big rocks. You will see a big scree slope in front of you.
  • From this point you must be very careful not to fall as some of these rocks are loose and the further up you get they get smaller and could become ankle twisters. Also if you’re following behind someone watch for falling rocks.
  • The trail is usually marked with small rock cairns and flagging tape. This route changes somewhat every year. Just keep heading towards your LEFT and up, aiming for that dip in the ridge
  • From the helipad it’s about 1.5 km to the col that you are heading for.
  • Be sure to take a look back from where you came from. It’s a fabulous view.
  • As you get higher up the scree, the rocks get smaller and the slope steeper.
  • At the col, turn LEFT at the trail junction
  • From here, follow the trail markers towards Grouse Mountain. Your climb is not over yet. From here you will be doing some side hilling and some mini rock scrambling.
  • In about 1 km you will come to a post at a junction for Little Goat Mountain and Grouse Mountain . Follow the trail to Grouse Mountain, which is about 1.7 km away.
  • A few hundred meters on you will come to another junction. Keep left. This is the alpine trail which will soon have a trail junction heading off to the left, towards Thunderbird Ridge. Do not take this trail. Keep going straight.
  • You will soon come to a pipeline at about eye level. Duck and head downhill.
  • You will then come to a large snag tree by a kiosk with a notice board. Follow the wide trail around the west side of Grouse Mountain. Go past the grizzly enclosure, the Lumberjack show and head to the chalet.
  • This is the end for those of you who did a car shuttle .This would be about 18 km or so.
  • For the full course runners, fill up water at Grouse Chalet if needed.
  • Leaving the Chalet, follow the paved trail RIGHT towards the south of the Helipad. Pass under the GREEN chairlift and follow the wide trail across the CUT. Follow the trail down 6 switchbacks and under the BLUE chairlift.
  • You will now be on Mountain Highway. Follow this all the way down to the junction with the Baden Powell Trail. Just before you get there you will come to a metal barrier across the road and some jiffy johns. Keep going for another 200 meters where the junction is. There is a water fountain here as well
  • Turn left onto the Baden Powell. You are now 1 km from the finish. Follow the trail as it winds it’s way towards a large set of stairs. When you reach the road turn LEFT and back to Lynn Headwaters park.
  • Well done for about 32 km

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