In the fall of 2004 Dom Repta introduced the Go Deep or Go Home 80/20 to fill the a void for ultrarunners looking for a challenge late in the year. Everybody had so much fun, that although the Go Deep or go Home is now held in August, Dom decided to keep a 20km option for the fall.  In 2007 Desmond Mott took over as Event Host for the Go Home. In 2008 Des changed the original course to it's current version through the Hanes Valley.

The Go Home by way of the Hanes Valley is held entirely on trails in the spectacular North Shore mountains above Vancouver, Canada.  The shorter course follows a fairly easy trail and does not have significant climbs or decents.  The longer courses are extremely difficult and technical and should only be attempted by experienced back country runners with the proper equipment.

In keeping with Club Fat Ass guidelines, we aim to tread lightly and leave no trace of the event on the trail or the environment. The course will not be marked with surveyor tape. Directions won't be painted on rocks. There will be no flour used at intersections or along the trail that could wash off or alert the hazardous materials squad. Written course directions that note existing signage and key landmarks are posted on the course page and should be printed out for the event day.

The Differences

This event follows the guidelines provided by Club Fat Ass for safe and successful, informal endurance sports "parties":

  • It is free for Club members
  • It is hosted by a Club member
  • It is small and informal. Guests should come prepared for the weather and the terrain and not expect aid or course marking. They should expect to follow detailed written course instructions
  • It is environmentally friendly. We aim to leave our route in better shape than it was before we passed though.
  • It is as much about the camaraderie as the competition.

Detailed questions and clarifications specific to this event are provided in the Go Home FAQ.

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