Sweet Go Deep Results - 2010

13 November 2010 - 27 Starters

Last night I dreamt that the 2010 edition of Sweet Go Deep started in a river, with participants jockeying for a favourable current, heads bobbing just above the waterline.   When I awoke to wet windows and a gray sky, I figured for sure the day ahead would be cold and wet in the hills above Deep Cove. A fine mist greeted 27 enthusiastic runners at the 8:30am start – a mist that turned into neither rain nor river.

Glistening roots and rocks were the order of the day, as the runners ascended the Baden Powell.  Roots and rocks gave way to pavement, smooth rolling trails, and then more rocks on Old Buck, though somehow I doubt the speedsters were slowed at all – I heard reports afterwards of fast runners running all the way uphill.

Speaking of speed, this year saw 4 runners go sub-2:10 for the 20km loop – an unprecedented occurrence in this event.  According to previous results, only 3 runners had gone sub-2:13 in the past 5 years.  

An abandoned blue suitcase on the steep and technical Dirty Diapers trail and a derriere contusion suffered by Craig “Gazelle” Moore just before the Mushroom lot rounded out the greens, grays, and browns that dominated today’s colour palette.

The post-event get together at Mosquito Creek Grill rewarded those who attended.  Trail Runner Magazine subscriptions and a deluxe fanny pack were won by Desmond, Marla, and Rhonda respectively.  Nancy won some local Salmon jerky, and everyone else won bottled beer from around the world, astronaut ice cream from the U.S.A or chocolate from Europe. 

Thanks again for attending Sweet Go Deep 2010!  Join us again next year and may all of your adventures between now and then be just as sweet!

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Photos and Video.  

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      Time (h:mm) Points Notes
Ryan Conroy 20km 2:06 1  
Mike Palichuk 20km 2:06 1  
Hassan Lotfi-Pour 20km 2:08 1 + 1*  
Ran Katzman 20km 2:10 2  
Jay Jardine 20km 2:23 1 + 1* undisclosed injury
desmond mott 20km 2:30 2 + 1*  
Julie Flynn 20km 2:58 1  
Katie Longworth 20km 2:59 2  
Bill Maurer 20km 3:03 2  
Heather Urquhart 20km 3:03 2  
Jessica Glowacki 20km 3:06 2  
Helen Tilley 20km 3:06 2  
Philip Waters 20km 3:10 2  
Nancy Veres 20km 3:10 2  
Eric Rannaud 20km 3:11 2  
Rachel Fouladi 20km 3:38 2 + 1*  
Liza Flemming 20km 3:40 2 + 1*  
Carolyn King 20km 3:40 2 + 1*  
Craig Moore 20km 3:40 2 + 1*

derriere contusion, assorted abrasions

Marla Weinheimer 20km 3:40 2 + 1*  
Reagan White 20km 3:40 2 + 1* + 2**  
James Clarke 17km custom 2:17 2  
Tracy Wakaluk 17km custom 2:17 1  
Tamsin Anstey ?km Custom ? 1  
Rob Ruff 14km 1:55 1  
Rhonda Schuller 14km 3:15 2 + 1*  
Sibylle Tinsel 14km 3:15 2 + 1*  
Gabriela  Stoian  DNS      
lysanne lavigne DNS      
samantha drove DNS      
Navid Rahemtulla DNS      
Steve  Deller DNS      

* garbage point
** EH points


Truly an awesome event!

True thanks, Reagan, for putting on a terrific event and choosing such awesome ways for us to 'win' prizes! Mega thanks to my impromptu runner companions!!! Thrilled that I could do the 20 with you! Looking forward to the next one and more Ritter Sport!

Sibylle's picture

 Reagan, Thank you so much

 Reagan, Thank you so much for a great event.  The 14km was just enough for my ankle - I would have loved to go further, but it was wonderful to be finally on the trails again.  

Jason Eads's picture

Sounds like a missed a DOOZY!

Great report, Mr. White - really enjoyed it!

Looks like you all had a nice day out on the BP. Wish I could have been there, but hope to catch you all up there next year.

Judging by these paces, "catching you all" is strictly a figure of speach!

Craig Moore's picture

my butt hurts

I wish you had "caught" me before falling on my ass and bashing my arm. It was a fun run though and I can't wait for the next one.

billm's picture

Photo tagging

The photo tagging feature of flickr is great. You can identify yourself on the group photo by dragging a frame over your face. What a great way to put names to faces. It's very similar to facebook's photo tagging feature. The group photo is here. Click on (add a person) next to the People in this Photo section to get started. Note: You need to set up your flickr (yahoo) id first. It's the same one you use for uploading photos.

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