Go Deep Results - 2009

14 November 2009 - 15 Starter

What can you say about a wonderful run with a great bunch of people on a day made for running.  It was sweet!  Sweet Go Deep is a great, great course. To make it even better 15 of my favourite Fat Assses came out to the start, including two new members. Welcome Heather and Scott! 

The weather was cool with traces of snow in the air on the higher trails. The trails were nearly empty - maybe that's why no one claimed garbage points - and higher up a layer of crusty snow and ice made for an additional challenge. The sight of a big snowplough zooming down Seymour Mountain Road sure was a surprise.  And didn't you like those rickety boardwalks before Mystery Falls and all the muddy puddles.  A welcome distraction were the Phantom runners on the Powerline trail and a few Fat Asses volunteering to keep them on track. 

Everyone said they had a good run. Desmond, hope you feel 100% soon and please can you send us your time. Thanks Sybille and Jonathan for helping the new kids stay on course. 

Coffee, hot soup and burgers sure hit the spot at the pub. Prizes were given out and Scott and Rhonda won a TR subscription, Laddie and Ryan goodies from Kintec (everybody got something).  Thanks to Mosquito Creek Bar and Grill who always treat us so well.  And most of all big, big thanks to Sibylle - you make it great fun to to host a FA event!!

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Name   Distance Time Points
Ryan Conroy 20 km 2:13 1
Ran Katzman 20 km 2:18 2
Carolyn Goluza 20 km 2:29 2
Chris Benn 20 km 2:32 1
Jonathan Weresch 20 km 3:17 1
Philip Waters 20 km 3:18 2
Scott Brammer 20 km 3:25 2
Heather  Mitchell 20 km 4:08 2
Sibylle Tinsel 20 km 4:08 2+1*
Desmond Mott custom 1:30 (yellow gate) 2+1*
Neil Ambrose custom 1:50 1
Carolyn King custom 2:00 1
Cheryl Johnson custom 2:00 2+2**
Rhonda Schuller custom 2:00 1
Laddie Hannam custom


* garbage point
** EH points


Thanks for a great event

 It was my first CFA event. Thank you Cheryl for putting it on. Thanks to Sybille for the great prizes, and thanks to Jonathan for doing his best to keep me on track. Unfortunately i suck i following directions. and ended up missing a turn and getting lost only to find Jonathan later as he was heading back down the course. I ended up doing about 19km with my unintentional shortcut.

I wrote up a race report on my blog at scottbrammer.blogspot.com/ if you want to check it out. It has a map of my "Custom" route.

Thanks again


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Go Deep is Sweet!

Thanks Cheryl for hosting the event! I really enjoyed our run together and catching up with both you and Rhonda. It is always a marking of the change of seasons when you have your first snow run. (except for the snow we met on HAT in Sept)  The snowflakes yesterday were beautiful! Hoping to get out to some upcoming FA events.



Nice visit and DV news

It was really great catching up with you & Neil.  Hearing Deiz Vistas might be gone was upsetting but I found something (on BCUTS or Bruce Grant blog??)that George and Gail will be taking back the DV.  Fingers crossed.  It would be terrible to lose a great neighbourhood run!

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 Thanks for hosting, Cheryl.

 Thanks for hosting, Cheryl.  What dedication to wait for us at the finish. Thanks. I added garbage points for Des and me ;-)

Sporting a big bruise on my elbow and having some mobility issues in my wrist from the fall I took yesterday....luckily my legs were fine ;-)

Custom course

Hi Cheryl,

 Thanks for putting on the event. I ran up to the last yellow gate ,which I think is around 6 km or so . My total kms would be 12  in a time of 1 :30 and I did pick -up trash  so add a point please .



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