Flash - Seymour Sunday - Cancelled

3 Mar 2013
3 Mar 2013

I am very sorry to have to cancel the run, but I am sick and won't be running anywhere this weekend.

I hope to see everybody out on the trails maybe as early as next weekend for a 90min run.



Get well soon!


I hope you get well soon, and hopefully we'll get to run on Seymour with you next weekend.


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Oh no. Get better soon, Marc.

Oh no. Get better soon, Marc.

Will be there at 7am

Hi Marc,

Me and my husband will be there at 7am.  Looking forward to it! 

Thank you,


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Me too

See you bright and early on Sunday.
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See you next Sunday

I'll join you for the whole thing next Sunday Marc. So see you at 7!

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Welcome back to the trails

Good to know that we are not losing you entirely to the road and the track :-)

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