2010 - Year 7 - Fall Mountain Highway Madness

12 September 2010 - 7 Human Starters + 1 Hound

By definition, anyone who participates in Mountain Highway Madness is mad. Not mad at the world... I mean nuts mad: Crazy, bonkers, out of their gourd mad. What same person would want to run up a big mountain, turn around and run back down, then repeat until they are too exhausted to even drool? 

For the past seven years, however, crazy folks have shown up at the start line all smiles and full of piss-and-vinegar to take on the challenge, both in the spring and in the fall.
This year, there was much madness and a touch of sanity. 
Some background: The boys from Kintec (Graham and Ryne) were trash talking themselves blue in the face about who would win their best 2/3 grudge match in the runner vs. biker category. Alex would come out for his first club run and Rick was down for 3 laps.  Jason Eads from St. Louis flew in with the intention of setting a new world record of five (5) laps. Laurie Alexander of Vernon promised to try and beat Jason to the record if only I would provide her with a good red wine at the aid station. Why not? Red wine for Laurie and cheeseburgers with no condiments for Jason it was. 
The excitement in the air was almost palpable leading up to the start of the Fall Mountain Highway Madness. When I got up just after 6:00 am, the precipitation was definitely palpable... in fact, when I looked out from my bedroom window, it was as if I was peering out from behind a waterfall.
It is a well-known fact that I am not a big fan of running in the rain. If I were not hosting this Vancouver running classic... and if I didn't care about kicking ass in the Club Fat Ass Club points series, I would have done the sane thing and gone right back to bed. But I was and I did, so I sucked it up and put on two club t-shirts in the hope of getting some protection from the rain and the cold.
It is also a well-known fact that I have been found guilty of embellishing the facts from time to time, especially as it concerns my understanding of a given trail route or the size of the bear I had to wrestle in order to get at the best blueberries... but I do not exaggerate when I say it was ugly at the start of the run this morning. It was dark. It was cold.  It was pissing with rain. My knee hurt and my guts were grumbling after having eaten too many hot chilies the night before.  With 5 minutes to go before the start, I was alone in the woods, soaked to the skin and I should have dressed warmer, even though I was wearing 2 long-sleeve shirts, a nylon vest, a hat and wool gloves!
At exactly 7:30, a ragtag group of true nutters toed the invisible start line at the water fountain. I mumbled "good luck" to all and officially started the run. 
Sibylle and I made it about 250m before calling it a "custom" effort and heading back to the car. Jason, who is used to the heat of Missouri, figured it could have started to snow at any minute at the turnaround, so kept running down, past the start to his car and the first available coffee shop.  Reagan was with him to the finish and John, for his warmup to the Pine to Palm 100-miler, called it at one.  Rick, a glutton for punishment, went for 2 and Alex, in his first Club event, did a double with a bit extra.
My sincerest congrats to all who started. You are certifiable!  To those who didn't show up, I hope you thought good thoughts of us wackos from the comfort of your nice, warm bed!

Many thanks to Kintec, the Mosquito Creek and Trail Runner magazine for the support. 

Ean Jackson
Host of Mountain Highway Madness

PS  Please post your comments, impressions, corrections to the results and feedback via the comment link below.

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Here is a slideshow of photos posted so far:


Post Event Survey:  Please take a moment to give us your feedback with this Post Event Survey.

Results: starter list posted below. Results will be posted as runners finish.  Please let us know your times, # of laps and if you collected garbage points.

First Name Last Name City Event Points Lap1 Lap 2
Rick Arikado Vancouver 30km 1   1:32:39  3:07:26
Alex Gibbs Vancouver 30Km+ 2    3:30
Jason Eads Kirkwood 15km 2+1  1:32:39  
Reagan White Vancouver 15km 2+1  1:32:39  
John Machray North Vancouver 15km - 1 loop 1  1:50  
Ean Jackson North Vancouver custom 2+2+1 15min  
Sibylle Tinsel North Vancouver custom 2+1 15min  
Graham Archer Coquitlam 15km - 1 loop 0    
Ryne Melcher North Vancouver 15km - 1 loop 0    












Alex's picture

turn around

I kind of thought that could have been the turn around point.  But I was curious to see if Rick had meant a different rock just a bit further.

there was no other rock, so I just kept going.

Ean Jackson's picture

Not a record

One other person in the 15 event history of this classic run has overshot the quarry. 

If you'd have taken the trail up the side of Fromme at the Mosquito Creek crossing (near where you saw the chairlift), you could have also bagged a peak!

Great to see you out, Alex.  You and Rick especially deserve a prize for being gluttons for punishment.  Don't let me forget to give you that subscription to Trail Runner Magazine you won.

Rick Arikado's picture


Consider getting off course as initiation to the club.  When I got to the top and saw you weren't waiting, I whistled a few times, lame as it was being short of breath.  I knew you would be OK either turning around or finding a gondola ride down.

Jason Eads's picture

Motivation SAGGING

My motivation was sagging like my sogging wet shorts today! Actually felt pretty good, but going for 5 in those conditions didn't seem to be a wise choice at all.

Glad to see Reagan get a HUGE PR for his loop - great job, Reagan!!!

Rick was still smiling on his way back up the highway - what a stud!

reaganwhite's picture

Pleasantly Surprised

I enjoyed our run in the rain this morning and running that highway with someone to talk to made for a nice time.

I could not have predicted that in the wet conditions I could improve so much on my March time:

March- clear conditions, some snow for last 500m:   1:04/43/1:47   

Today- wet conditions but ran with a buddy:        58/34/1:32  (15min PR!)

Who knew that could happen?

As I like to say, it pays to show up - you never know what might happen.

Rick Arikado's picture

Finished, home warm & dry


Put me down for same time as Jason 7 Reagan for lap 1. Did one more lap for total for both of 3:07:26.

Alex found Grouse resort is at the end of the road, despite warning him on the way up were the turn-around is, just before I ducked into the trees for a bio-break.  Passed him coming down on my way up lap 2.



Not sure if you got my text at about 6am but Graham and myself decided to postpone our 3rd and final installment of man vs. bike till a less rainy day.

Hope you guys stayed dry enough!


Sibylle's picture

 Nope, but we'll take your

 Nope, but we'll take your minus points off... BTW, smart decision

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