2009 - Year 6 - Fall Mountain Highway Madness

Starter Photo: 13 September 2009 - 17 Starters

Outstanding group of runners and friends.  Decent course.  Perfect weather.  No bo-bos.  Nobody lost or eaten by marauding bears.  Whatd'ya got?

Writers block!

Seriously now, as a Club Fat Ass Event Host, the 6th annual Mountain Highway Madness could not have been easier or better.  The field of 17 was a perfect mix of Club regulars, returning MIAs and newbies to Mountain Highway Madness.  

Baldwin was looking fresh after having run 6 hours the day before.  Killanie was back running after a long injury. Craig was bright eyed and bushy-tailed despite having spent the past 2 days in a row bagging peaks. Ryne was in perfect trash-talking form, that is, until his nemesis arrived looking fresh and confident on a shiny, and very light mountain bike!

Word on the street was that several of today's starters had PBs in mind as they set off.  There was also the sub-plot of the Melcher/Archer grudge match:  runner against bike for what was it, a 4-pak of Guinness?

Melcher bolted from the start as if Olympic gold was at stake with Archer not far behind.  I was out for a leisurely jog, but soon found even the slowest runner was fast today.

Normally, there are no vehicles on old Mountain Highway.  Today, however, the silence of the forest below Mount Fromme was broken by the occasional passing camper and the heavy breathing of those reaching for their personal bests.

In the bike vs. man contest, the bike won.  Congrats to Graham for beating his opponent by almost 2 minutes... and to Ryne for setting a new course record for a single loop in just under 57 minutes.

Not far back, Ellie finished her first loop in 1:08, setting a new woman's course record, as well, before turning around and doing it again.  (Later, I would learn that Ellie wanted to go for a 3rd loop, but couldn't find anyone to join her!)

Most of the participants reconvened on the sunny patio of the Mosquito Creek Grill where Kirsten, our hostess with the mostest, served up cool, free beers and... to the amazement of all, remembered several of our names from the last Club event.  (Must have been some good tippers at that one!)

Many thanks to Kintec, the Mosquito Creek and Trail Runner magazine for the support! 

Ean Jackson
Host of Mountain Highway Madness

PS  Ray, I owe you one.  This was in fact the sixth, not the seventh running of the fall MHM.

PS  Please post your comments, impressions, corrections to the results and feedback via the comment link below.

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First Name Last Name Event Points Lap 1: up/down/total Lap 2: up/down/total Total
Mike Palichuk 30km - 2 loops 2 0:41/0:26/1:07 0:47 2:29
Ellie Greenwood 30km - 2 loops 2+1* 0:43/0:25/1:08 0:48/0:33 2:29
Ran Katzman 30km - 2 loops 2 0:43/0:27/1:10 ?/?/1:22 2:32
Phil Waters 30km - 2 loops 1 0:54/0:38/1:32 1:00/046/ 3:18
Ray Levasseur 30km - 2 loops 2 0:51/0:32/1:23 1:00/0:42/1:42  3:05
Baldwin Lee 30km - 2 loops 2+1* 1:02/0:31/1:33 1:20/0:35 3:28
Graham Archer 15km - 1 loop 2 0:34:11/0:20:17/0:54:28    
Ryne Melcher 15km - 1 loop 2 0:34:46/22:07/0:56:53    
Jackie Muir 15km  1 0:47/28 /1:15    
Kristin Ohm-Pedersen 15km 1 0:57/0:27/1:27    
Craig Moore 15km - 1 loop 2+1* 0:54/0:3 /1:27    
Killaine Sharman 15km - 1 Loop 1+1* 0:53/0:49/1:42    
Sibylle Tinsel 15km - 1 loop 2+1* 1:12/0:43/1:57    
Jon Shepherd 15km 1 ?    
Jessica Glowacki 25km - 1.66 loops 2 0:48/0:39/1:27 0:33/0:24/0:57 2:24
Helen Tilley 25km - 1.66 loops 2 0:48/0:39/1:27 0:33/0:24/0:57 2:24
Ean Jackson custom 2+2**+1* 25min    
laddie hannam DNS -1      




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Photo Link works now

Thanks Killaine, for pointing out that the photo link to Flickr didn't work.  Should be ok now.  Also added Ean't pub video ;-)

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Despite waiting until the last minute to signup because of other schedule conflicts - I must now de-register from tomorrow's run due to further conflicts.  Aargh!  Enjoy the day everyone....

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