2008 - Year 5 - Fall Mountain Highway Madness

14 September 2008 - 17 starters


"Hey, where was everybody?", Rob Ruff, start line of the Mountain Highway Madness, Saturday 13 September 08 @ 7:30am. 

"Hey, where was everybody?", Baldwin Lee, Mosquito Creek Pub, Sunday 14 September 08 @ noon.

Well, Rob, the run has always been on Sunday.  If in doubt, best to check the website!  And Baldwin, the official start is at 7:30.  If you choose to get hammered the night before, sleep in and miss the start, best to check with the Event Host to see if there were any changes made to the agenda.  Tongue out

For those who made it to the "official" start, this years' fall running of the Mountain Highway Madness was about as flawless as a trail run could be.  Ryne and Danielle had set up the Kintec tent at the start complete with munchies and timekeeping.  Skies were cloudless, temperatures at the start were in the 'teens.  The day was so perfect, in fact, all of the runners decided to opt out of the free beer offered by the nice folks at the Mosquito Creek Grill so they could do other things out doors after the run.

Graham, on his mountain bike accompanied by his dog Jasper, was going head-to-head against Ryne who, in his runners, was out to set a new record for the fastest single lap.  Jonathan, on the other hand, was putting it all on the line to go for 2 laps.

I'd been fighting an injury all season so wasn't expecting to complete even one lap.  Rick Arikado, who won his age group at the Walk in the Park a week ago (and the BC Ultra Series!) was tired, so I managed to hang with him.  Thanks for the push, Rick!

The thing I love about out-and-back courses is that you get to see everyone.  As he passed us going back down after the turnaround, Ryne was on fire.  (Who would have guessed he puked twice on the way up!)  Glenn, Penny, Jonathan and DarbyKai looked like they'd barely broken a sweat as they passed us.  Everyone, no matter where they were, looked as though they were having a great time.

In the end, Ryan outran Graham on the bike by a couple of minutes.  Jonathan, in his first MHM, got silver.  Ginger became the second canine finisher of the MHM. 

Congrats to everyone who came out and a special thanks to the folks from Kintec, TrailRunner Mag and the Mosquito Creek for the support.

Ean Jackson
Host, Mountain Highway Madness

PS  Please post your comments, impressions, corrections to the results and feedback via the comment link below.

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Preliminary Results:


Points First Name Last Name Age Event 1 Loop: up/down/total 2 Loop: up/down/total 3 Loop: up/down/total Total
2 Lorie Alexander 40-49 45km - 3 loops 1:00/0:44:00/1:44 1:08/0:44/1:52 1:07 0:42/1:49 05:25:00
2 Barry Hopkins 50-59 45km - 3 loops 1:00/0:44:00/1:44 1:08/0:44/1:52 1:07 0:42/1:49 05:25:00
2 Greg  Barreca     0:43min/0:32/1:15 0:49/0:35/1:24 02:39:00
1 Rick Arikado 50-59 30km - 2 loops ?/?/1:26:30 ?/?/1:24:4 02:51:18
2 Rob Ruff 40-49 30km - 2 loops 48:21 / 35:13 /  1:22:34 56:00 / 39:05 / 1:35:05 02:58:00
2 Jonathan Weresch 30-39 30km - 2 loops 55:20/44:33/1:39:53 1:02:03/41:59/1:43:02 03:23:56
2 Betty Tod 50-59 30km - 2 loops ?/?/?     ?
2 Hilary Ewart 40-49 30km - 2 loops ? /? / 1:47 ?   ?
1 Ryne Melcher     35:42/23:30./0:59:12     00:59:12
1 Graham Archer 30-39 15km - 1 loop ? /? / 1:00:13     Bike - 1:00:13
2 DarbyKai Standrick 20-29 15km - 1 loop ?/?/01:09:12     01:09:12
1 Glenn Pace 40-49 15km - 1 loop 43:22 / 27:01/  1:10:23      01:10:23
2 Penny Jakobsen 40-49 15km - 1 loop ?/?/01:24:21     01:24:21
3 Ean Jackson 50-59 15km - 1 loop ?/?/1:26:30     01:26:30
1 Baldwin Lee   30km - 2 loops 57:45/34:18/1:32:03     01:32:03
1 Craig Moore 40-49 15km - 1 loop 1:16/0:42/ 1:58     01:58:00
 2  Sibylle Tinsel 40-49 15km - 1 loop 1:16/0:43 / 1:59     1:59:00
1 Danielle MacLeod   crew       N/A
-1 Dom Repta 30-39 45km - 3 loops       DNS





Rick Arikado's picture

Don't forget...

to add Jackson's time for his loop, same as my first 1:26:30. Rick
Sibylle's picture

He already complained ;-) 

He already complained ;-)  I got him on my mastersheet that I am uploading right now, along with some other changes emailed to me.  Does anybody know the missing times/distances?

Sibylle, my combined up and

Sibylle, my combined up and down time was 1:00:13.  I guess it did not get recorded when I got to the bottom.
Sibylle's picture

Uh, so close to Ryne...I

Uh, so close to Ryne...I actually expected a bigger gap ;-)  How much was Ryne's lead on the uphill?

He was about 4 minutes ahead

He was about 4 minutes ahead on the up hill.  I'll get him in the Spring.


ps. Jackson, dogs name is Jasper, not Ginger.

Ean Jackson's picture

Jasper was Faster

than me, so we didn't get the time to exchange pleasantries.  My apologies, Jasper!

BTW, Jasper, I had you pegged as the first hound to complete the MHM, but Kaioma earned first-bagger bragging rights a few years ago.

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