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The circuit is straightforward, but you will find this trail description to be helpful for the first couple of laps... especially the more technical first half. Be sure to download the formatted version of this course description from the table below and bring it (and a plastic baggie to protect it) with you on the day of the run. Better yet, train on the course and bring the directions!  Here is a GPX file of the course.

Time Description - North Shore Enduro km



meet at the gazebo in the LSCR (Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve). This is at the end of the gravel
Lilloett Road
that continues past Capilano College in North Vancouver




start – the Gazebo




  - run past the log house then follow Lynn Loop trail sign. At the intersection with the Rice Lake Trail, stay left and slightly downhill. Continue about 500m on a wide trial until you come to an intersection with a big park map. (Do not go right and uphill!)




  - go straight on the big, wide main trail. In about 200m, you will come to another big park sign. Go right. (Lynn Headwaters dam is to your left. If you find yourself on the dam, your are going the wrong way!)




  - you will stay on a wide, flat trail with the river to your left for about 1.2K. At the first trail intersection (marked To Headwaters Trail/Lynn Loop Trail) turn right and steeply uphill.




  - zigzag uphill on a 500m mixture of stairs and trail switchbacks. When it flattens out, you will come to an intersection marked Lynn Loop. Go right.




  - you are now on Lynn Loop Trail heading back to the start. This section is quite technical with roots, rocks and mud. Stay straight on this trail. There are yellow markers on the trees. (Do not go left onto Lynn Peak Trail unless you want to add an hour or two to your loop time!) You will come to a very nice, clear, smooth, downhill section of the trail that lasts about 500m.




  - at the first intersection (unmarked) go left. You are now on the trail you started on. This goes lightly uphill. You will come to an intersection marked “rice Lake Trail. Stay right.


  - the last stretch of trail will take you back to the log house and gazebo.




  - repeat for 6 hours! Note: Unless you are consistently running sub 60-minute laps, cutoff time for the last lap will be at 2:00 pm.


14:00 -


celebrate – Seymour Pub. (In Holiday Inn at the base of
Lilloet Road.)






























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