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The North Shore Enduro was introduced by Richard Juryn and Jonathan Wornell of Shore Events in 2003. Richard and Jonathan's idea was to host a weekend of outdoor fun close to downtown Vancouver in early June. Saturday would be a 6-hour mountain bike race and Saturday a 6-hour running race with a big, outdoor party on Saturday night to celebrate the mountain biking accomplishments, to inspire the runners and to motivate the ambitious men and women of iron who dared to attempt both disciplines. Riders and bikers who weren't quite ready for 6 hours of non-stop adrenaline were encouraged to team up. Family and friends were invited to take advantage of the party atmosphere and to cheer on their athletes. By combining a safe, convenient endurance challenge that appealed as much to beginners as elite athletes with a low-key atmosphere, the event proved very popular with participants.

Circumstances didn't allow Richard and Jonathan to put the event on in 2004. When one of Canada's top ultramarathon runners, Andy Nicol, learned of this, he stepped forward and offered to save the event. Under Andy's leadership, the the event was refined to one day with a focus on runners, their friends and their families. 

Construction of a water treatment facility made it necessary to change the course.  The current 7.6-kilometer route was adopted in 2005.

Starting in 2013 the event will continue with Marc Schmitz as a new host after Andy moved to warmer lands in 2012 and will no longer be able to host.


The Teams

Recognizing that few athletes can run for 6-hours without stopping, the North Shore Enduro encourages team participation. Teams can be made up of 2 to 6 runners. Each team has a name and each team determines its own strategy for maximizing the distance it can cover during the 6 hours. The Enduro offers less experienced runners the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what trail running has to offer.


The Route

Comments on the route include, "An outstanding choice of trails for the beginning trail runner," "Awesome cross section of North Shore trails!", "Quiet. No traffic. The smell of pine forest and perfume of wild flowers was everywhere on the trail as I ran."

The event is held on mix of single track and wide trails in the Lynn Valley area of North Vancouver... an oasis of nature in a city of almost 2 million inhabitants.

In keeping with Club Fat Ass guidelines, the route is not indicated with surveyor tape, chalk or other markings that might harm the environment. Each participant (or "Guest" as club members who participate are called) downloads detailed route instructions from this website and uses them to navigate the trails. All runners are encouraged to train year-round on the Enduro route.



Since 2004, the North Shore Enduro has attracted the elite of Canada's ultramarthoners including many current and past national 100K run team and 100-mile runners.

For the current (7.6K) course, Gary Robbins holds the record by completing nine (9) laps within 6 hours.  

Jim Swadling (20 laps) and Wendy Montgomery (18 laps) go down in history as record holders for the "old" course, while the 2-person team of Gary Robbins and Mark Fearman hold the team record of 21 laps.

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More Information

Answers to common questions about the North Shore Enduro are provided in the FAQ.