FAQ - Spaghetti Trees


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Q: If I decide to run, what should I bring?
A: Whatever you'd normally wear for a run of that distance                           given the conditions. Don't forget to print out the run route directions, directions to the start and to bring a cell phone. 
Q: Are there aid stations? Can I have a beer en route?
A: We recommend you come prepared to run without external aid. Since this is an 'unofficial' event, there are no rules as to what you may or may not eat or drink en route. 
Q: What can I win?
A: Nothin. Fastest man and woman TO FINISH THE COURSE get bragging rights. 
Q: I've never done a trail run before. Is this a good place to start?
Q: How tough is the course?
A: Tough question to answer! Which course are you running? How fast? How well are you trained? xxxx
Q: Do I really need to print off the course instructions and bring them with me?
A: Yes. Without the detailed instructions or an intimate familiarity with the Night Run route, you're almost certain to get lost. 
Q: This event is free, but for Club Fat Ass members only. How do I get into the club?
A: There is no hazing ceremony like the Hash House Harriers! Runners, walkers, hikers, triathletes, adventure racers, mountain bikers and anyone else interested in having fun in the great outdoors is welcome and can register online for a nominal fee.
Q: Can I wait until the last minute and join at the start?
A: Yes, but we prefer you don't. Last minute registration makes it very difficult to organize and coordinate the event. There is also a $5.00 "Day of Event" surcharge for day-of-event members who don't pre-register on the website.
Q: It's a free world. What's to stop me from just running the course.
A: Nothing...in fact, we encourage you to run the course often in training! We prefer that you do not 'bandit' the course on event day, however. If you insist, please don't take any of the aid intended for members. You will not get recognition in the results or be eligible for any draw prizes and you'll have to wear a black patch over one eye at the potluck. Furthermore, you won't be allowed into future events until you come clean with past membership dues.
Q: What if I get lost?
A: You shouldn't get lost, but bring a cell phone, just in case.
Q: Do I get credit for any time I spend off-course?
A: Are you kidding? If you do find an obvious mistake in the course directions, point it out to Katie.
Q: Couldn't you mark the course like just about every other running race I've ever been in? It's a pain to pause and read instructions.
A: Our aim is to be different than every other running race you've ever been in! We don't want to put chalk/flour on the ground, hang surveyor tape in the trees, paint rocks, put up signs or glow sticks or do anything that might leave a trace of the race. Besides, it slows down the faster runners.
Q: What is the 'Rule of the Trail'?
A: If you pack it in, you can pack it out. (That means don't you dare litter!) Leave nothing but your footprints on the trail. We strongly encourage you to pick up any trash you find along the trail. There may be a recognition award for the person who packs out more than they packed in.
Q: What if I have to heed the call of nature.
A: There are washrooms at xxx
Q: Can I bring my friends and family to the party even if they didn't run or volunteer? Do they have to be Club Fat Ass members?
A: Friends and family are absolutely welcome and no, they do not have to be Club Fat Ass members. Please be sure to specify how many guests you will bring with you on your registration form.