Spaghetti Trees

31 Mar 2012
East Sooke Regional Park, Victoria, BC, Canada


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Spaghetti Trees...

I have been asked by Teagirl (Kate) to host this years event.

I will be happy to do this and have a good idea where these notorious trees can be found.

We will be starting at Anderson Cove, as usual and following some of the major trails, past the Copper Mine to the coast...

The "Spaghetti Trees" are there, between where the trail meets the coast, and the Cabin.

I am willing to guide a medium paced group to the Cabin and back to Anderson Cove.

If there are any swift runners, Kate has provided us with a few longer options.

Everyone has to be back to Anderson Cove three hours after the start.

We could stop off on our return for burgers and beers, depending on how you mainlanders are planning to get back.

The event is on Saturday, so you could stay over and go back on Sunday.

Please register online...

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