Pure Satisfaction

9 Dec 2012 09:00
North Vancouver, BC  Canada

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Missing times, I hope not runners!

The following runners forgot to write down their times or ended the run at Lynn suspension bridge, could you please post them so we can get them for the record

Neil Ambrose

Dave Berg

Sam Chiu

Carolyn King

Jim Swadling

Gottfried Grosser - what distance did you do?

Erik Bjorklund - sorry I couldn't read it?

Nick Constantin

Thanks for coming out today it was fun, until next year.

cheers Keith

Erik Bjorklund time for Sundays run

I finished at 12:23 and I think we started at 9am so 3hr 23min.




Rachel F's time...

Hello Keith, my variant start point yielded a 5h25m to complete the 25km. Good new was I also remembered to pick up some grabage! Carolyn is my witness! Had a lovely time out there!! Thank you Carolyn! Thank you trail! Thank you weather! Thank you layers! Thank you gear! Thank you CFA! Thank you life!

safe at home

Hey Keith,

Finished in 3h 15m after running all of the the 25k chin-wagging with Barry Berg and forgetting to write down my time. 


check in


Just writing to let you know I arrived safe and sound after my custom run (not sure of distance - maybe 20km? it took me 3:35). Thanks for organizing - it was lots of fun, especially the winter wonderland at the top of the Seymour Grind.




Thanks Banafsheh, glad you enjoyed it and it was pretty magical.

cheers Keith

Me flu too!

So sorry, I also have to jam out tomorrow due to flu sx, grrr!

Pat Woods

Sibylle's picture

Oh no.  Get better soon.

Oh no.  Get better soon.

sorry to hear that

Sorry to hear the lurgy's got you and get well soon, I'll take you off the list.

Trail conditions tomorrow

I've just heard the trail conditions are pretty icy and so if you've got Yak Tracks or Micro spikes it'll be a good idea to bring them.

See you in the morning.

No satisfaction

Well, it doesn't look like I'll be able to beat this nasty flu in time for the run tomorrow :( So disappointed, I was really looking forward to it. Hope everyone has a great time. Is there any way to deregister myself from the event?

Sibylle's picture

Get better soon. I

Get better soon. I unregistered you. Thanks for letting us know.


Thanks, guys! If I'm in town for New Years I will definitely join for the run.

Sorry about that

Sorry to hear you're under the weather Doris, I'll take you off the list and maybe see you at the Fatass 50?


A ride?

Hey there. If you're driving from Vancouver, over the Second Narrows, could I get a ride?


Ride Sunday

Chances are I will be in Gastown around 8 am, then heading back for Pure Satisfaction.

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