Flash - Marathon Shuffle

29 Apr 2012 08:00
Powell River, BC Canada

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We had offered Marc a car

We had offered Marc a car ride back, but might have a full car as a friend of my daughter would like to join us as well.  So, I noticed there are quite a few folks signed up from the Lower Mainland...any chance you could give Marc a ride back?

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Any bikers or drivers out there?

Hey there,

I am wondering if anyone would like to make this a bit of a trip and leave (North) Vancouver on Friday via Vancouver Island?

I was planning to go Horseshoe Bay - Ferry - Qualicum Beach on Friday (about 70k biking from North Van), Bike up Island and take the ferry to Powell River on Saturday (also about 70k) and then (and here comes the tricky part) hopefully catch a ride with someone on Sunday after the race. Since I need to be home Sunday night.

So the second question is: Does anyone go back on Sunday afternoon and have room for one or two people and their bikes (of course I'd be happy to split the cost for ferry and gas)?

Also: Would anyone want to share a room in Powell River?

It sounds like a fun event and I am hoping to figure out the logistics and make a short getaway of it.



Hi Marc,

I just registered for the shuffle, I'm at about 75% certain I'll be able to make it, and if I can, I would be able to bring you, another person, and your bike(s) back to Horseshoe Bay afterwards on Sunday.  I'd be at 100% if my family were able to come, but that's not the case as my wife's got a commitment Sat. night and I would whine (and get kicked out of the club) if I was shuffling w/my 4 & 6 y.o.'s.


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Hi Jon, Great.  It would

Hi Jon,

Great.  It would be nice if you can make it. I have shuffled the 1/2 Shuffle with my kids when they were little, but I think for a  4year old it might be pushing it...  I think my youngest was 6ish or so...lots of chocolates, breaks, snacks etc.  We are having a bit of a get togehter the night before at Allan's cabin.  I'll send you the directions via email - in case you want to join us.

Got the directions -

Got the directions - thanks!



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Marathon Shuffle

Hi Marc

I am still waiting to see how my work schedule looks for April but I hope to be up in Powell River for the Shuffle.  If that is the case then my cabin is open for people to stay.  It is 5 km from the start of the race.  We would be having a pre-shuffle event / party at the cabin on Saturday.  I probably won't ride up and I don't know if I will head back Sunday and be able to give you a ride, or later in the week.  I can take you bike back for you though.


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That would be a big part in the puzzle

Sounds great Allan,

That would be a great help ... well and fun too.

Please let me know once you decide for sure if you will be going.

I should be able to figure out transportation for Sunday ... or so I hope.



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