Bill's Great Peak Ascent

29 Jul 2012 07:30
North Vancouver, BC Canada

With Kneeknacker over and done with and Squamish 50 coming up, Bill's Great Peak Ascent offers a great group training opportunity for those with upcoming races or just to wanting to get some more off-road mileage in.

Bill's Great Peak will be hosted by Dave Berg this year, who kindly offered to cover for Bill who is travelling out of country.

Find out more through the links below:


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Fromme variant

Cindy and I both did Custom - Fromme and finished in 4:08. Very little snow. Took Per Gynt to the top of Fromme and north side trail to Pipeline pass down. Met up with Ray at the road. He did the regular Adventure to top of Grouse so time for the 2 alternate destinations seems roughly similar. Round trip distance to Fromme is 22km.

Suggestion: Make the Fromme alternative official since it's been a popular custom variation for the past couple of years.

Super Day for a run.

Had a great run in perfect conditions. Peaked out at 1:41 in the fog and hit the parking lot at 2:56. Thanks for organizing Dave. I hope someone adopted Dylan and got him to a bus stop...feel bad that I had to leave but my store won't open without me.


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Great day for a peak ascent

Did a custom route of 28 k by heading directly home via Mountain Highway. 3:30 time. Didn't see any garbage and the trails are looking squeaky clean.

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