Vancouver 100

2 Jun 2012 05:00
3 Jun 2012 05:00
North Vancouver, BC Canada

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There will be several pacers and crew tweeting runners locations and conditions.  Please join the conversation, Twitter hashtag #Van100


Simon and Sean are running together and you can track them here (refresh the screen for updated location information)


Simon's Location:

Sean's Location:


What say you fellow V100 runners!

I know a handful of you are coming out this year for the first time and even fewer are crazy enough to do it again, and even more than once before?

So tell me your goals, tell me your thoughts about this mother of a run. I'd love to hear them

Personally I've done this event for the first time un-officially in 2001 with a finishing time of 20:55 then as a FA event in 2008 with a time of: 17:57 again in 2010 with a time of 20:15 and then last year a slightly improved time (over last year) of 19:01. I had one DNF (did nothing fatal) in 2006 covered 85k in 17:10.

This year will be a challenge for me. I have no idea what to expect. I'm hoping to go under 17 hours, for no reason except to beat my best of 17:57. I think it's doable. i've been training hard but am still unsure how it will shake out in the end.

I have a great crew and pacers for most of the way so I really have no excuse!

Good luck to all, please share your thoughts!



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I see time has erased all memories of Black Mountain. Or is that just your age being kind to you again? Good luck out there!

Last Sunday on the Hollyburn section in the trees was interesting. There are two dodgy creek crossings so watch out all. Other than that it's a piece of cake if you like snow and postholing.

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