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Jess Dagg, current Fluffy Bunny Event Host

I took this event over from Geoff Palmer in 2009. I love trail running at Buntzen Lake and hope the 3 different distances will accomodate all types of runners! The "long" course is not as tough as it was previously as I changed the courses in 2010. I added my favourite trail, Lakeview, to the roster as well.


Geoff Palmer, Founding Host of the Fluffy Bunny

First the name. Back in the day when I was training for the Canadian Death Race, the wife of a training buddy didn't much like the sound of "Death Race". So to his wife, the race became known as the Fluffy Bunny Trail Run. While this race doesn't quite match up to the Death Race, it is no walk in the park so I thought this was an appropriate title. Also, I thought that the folk who don't always do the maximum distance don't get enough credit at races. So, for those doing the "Extreme Punishment Run", this will sound much more impressive to coworkers than the "Fluffy Bunny Trail Run"

I have done quite a bit of training on these trails and thought it would be an excellent place for a Club Fat Ass event. For those who choose the Full Fluffy Bunny Run, the trail will be tough but the views at the top will be well worth the effort.