Tanis' New Year Resolutions

1. Run a full marathon.

2. Run my first ultra in October!! WAHOO!!

3. Run injury free!

4. Volunteer at at least two events.

5. Run for myself and health!

Eric's 2012 resolutions

  • Chuckanut
  • Vancouver 100 (strictly more than half the distance)
  • Kneeknackers
  • a 100k (Foolish run, maybe?)
  • Frosty 50k, faster than 2011 time of 7:50
  • Participate to 10 CFA events
  • Pick up garbage (!)
  • Bag all the peaks within reach of public transit, without a bike (list TBD, but it's a somewhat objective criteria). In other words, something like all the peaks below and including the line: Runner, The Needles, Crown, Harvey. (West Lion excluded.)
  • 3 waterbags out of the 4 I can think of: Cypress range, Grouse range, Seymour range, a peak up from Lions Bay.
  • Run the TCT from Horsehoe Bay to Langley, with the Boundary Road -> Langley section in one go. Run more of the TCT than Ean.
  • Run to/from work at least once a week.


New years resolutions - Marc Schmitz

1. Complete (my first) 2 Ultras (maybe the Kneeknacker route plus one additional one)

2. Complete 6 CFA events plus 6 flash events (days of peak bagging would count as a flash event since it serves a club related purpose)

3. Volunteer or collect garbage while participating in CFA events on 3 occasions throughout the year

4. Get to know my fellow CFA members (potentially being able to recognize at least 20 of you on the street by the end of the year, know your names and remember at least one detail about you)

My Fitness Resolutions

Though not generally inclined to air my hopes, dreams, failures, and shortcomings in public, as I sat in bed this morning rather hung-over, 3 doughnuts into my requested birthday breakfast of a plate of Tim's and a double-double, and having already missed my morning ski, I stumbled across the CFA Resolutions Contest and thought the threat of public humiliation might be my best option. In the spirit of getting my fitness back on track I resolve to do at minimum:

(1) one marathon

(2) one ultra

(3) 40+ days on skis

(4) 5 CFA events

Liza's 2012 Resolutions

My goals and resolutions for 2012:

-run at least 2 50K ultras

-volunteer at at least one ultra race

-run the inagural Squamish 50 (either solo or as part of a relay team)

-beat my previous bagging record (23 peaks in 2011) in the 2012 Bagger Challenge

-stretch at least 2X per week, every week (barring illness or injury)

-attend at least 6 CFA events, and host a Flash event


and that's it!


Jackie's resolutions 2012

Alas, both Jackie Muir and I are both "Jackie M.", so for those who don't know me, I am NOT Jackie Muir, and she has NOT drastically simplified her running goals for 2012. My (modest) resolutions for 2012 are: - participate in at least six CFA events - actually host Sunshine in September in SEPTEMBER! - run at least three >21k races/events this year - run my first 50k event - log > 1,200 km over the year That's it...Jackie (Montgomery)

Reagan's 2012 Fitness Resolutions

Goals for 2012 Running/Bagging Events:

* Finish in Top 3 in club point series, participating in at least 16 club events
* Finish in Top 10 in bagger challenge point standings, bag at least 12 peaks
* Build on 2011's 1st three ultras and run 4 ultras in 2012

Apart from the running/hiking, I aim to:

* serve another term on the steering committee, but do some heavy lifting this time around
* update the ActivePorker iPhone app for 2012, include a showcase for the Bagger Challenge

Alli's new year resolutions

1. Run a sub 40 10k 2. Run a sub 3 marathon 3. Run at least 5 CFA events 4. Be able to do one chin up with baby on back 5. Stay uninjured!!

Sibylle's 2012 Fitness Goals

I am feeling more like a cyclist these days then a runner....certainly haven't been able to put any mileage in since earlier in the year.  I guess my main goal this year is to get rid of the very painful heelspur that has been plaguing me and prevented me from consistently running:

Goal #1: Healing the painful heelspur on my left foot.

Ean Jackson's 2012 Fitness Resolutions

It's beginning to look like a trend:  Start the year with great expectations, injure myself, and hobble through the rest of the year.  Although I didn't set any world records, or even set any personal best athletic accomplishments in 2011, I'm please to say I'm ending the year in one piece and happy with how things turned out.  

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