Spaghetti Trees Cancelled!

Unfortunately this year's event has had to be cancelled.

Due mainly to transportaton problems.

Sorry everyone.


The British Columbia Ultra and Trail Running Record: First and Fastest

It is about time that I updated this list of epic awesomeness: first and fastest running adventures; and milestones of ultra running races (at bottom).

Post your updates, additions, and corrections or send them to David Crerar at jeldac99 ‘at’ gmail.com.


Sleeping in the Deep Freeze

I knocked another one off my bucket list this week.  Yes, I finally dug a snow cave and slept in it overnight.

This may seem like an odd thing for someone to want to do.  But ever since my buddy Paul Quinn shared a story about the night he spent in a relatively comfy hole in the snow as a blizzard raged above his head, I've wanted to do the same.

Anybody going to Chuckanut got a spot?

Hoping to carpool down to Chuckanut, if anybody has a spot I can pitch for gas. Let me know if you've got some room. I can get pretty much anywhere in North Van/Burnaby/Vancouver. Thanks.

Fat Ass Knee Knacker Fundraiser / Adopt a New Knacker

I registered for this years Knee Knacker which will also be my first Ultra marathon (so much for picking an easy one to start out).

Dalma's 2012 goals

Going back to about 2004 I realized that I was in horrible shape and needed to do something about this. In Jan 2005 I joined my first Sun Run clinic hosted at the False Creek Comm Centre. I managed to drag myself through my first 10 K run.

As I stuck with this I found myself improving to the point where I completed 2 Scotia Bank 1/2 marathons.

In 2011 I found life got in the way and for the last half of the year I didn't run a step. Looking in the mirror it's quite evident that I had stopped running.

The Stair Climb for Clean Air

13 month old Amelita completed her first race today - she had her own chip and bib even! She "raced" up the 48 flights of stairs at the Sheraton Wall Centre in 13:56... With a little help from her momma. Her favorite thing was waving and blowing kisses at the spectators - and stopping to drink at the water stations.

Wear your new CFA 2012 shirt to Distance Runwear and WIN!

As a kick off to Distance Runwear's support for Club Fat Ass we are offering a prize of a $25 gift card to the fifth (5th) CFA member that comes by our shop at 4800 Main St in Vancouver. You need to be wearing your shirt. Don't dispair if you aren't the fifth we'll still have something for you...a little nourishment for your next run.

We look forward to seeing you.

Dave & Meghan

Distance Runwear

4800 Main Street

Vancouver, BC

V5V 3R8


Event proposal: Elfin Lakes and Beyond

During this year's foggy Squamish Scrambler, we all regretted not seeing the mountains around us. To give us another chance, I would like to organize a sister event this summer (end of July, early August) in Garibaldi park: Elfin Lakes and Beyond.

Start from the parking lot at 8am, three distances: Red Heather (10k), Elfin Lakes (22k), and a long distance around 40k (to one of Little Diamond Head, Opal Cone, or Mamquam Lake). It would be a reasonnably tough run, up to +2000m elevation gain/loss, but it's a out-and-back, so turning around at any point will be easy.

Sam Chiu's 2012 Resolution

  • 3x2km Quest CWSC Biathlon
  • Dirty Duo 50K
  • Chuckanut 50K
  • Mt.Si 50Mi
  • Vancouver Marathon
  • Whistler Half Marathon
  • Edge to Edge Marathon
  • Tenderfoot Boogie 50K
  • Knee Knacker
  • Canadian Death Race
  • 5Peaks Whistler
  • Frosty Mountain 50K
  • Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon
  • Whistler Ultra 50
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