To the Bluffs

'Twas a beautiful Saturday morning

just after sun up when Baggers

William and Reagan started Seymour to ascend

What trail there was though faint at times

went up with twists and turns to

seemingly no end.


Rock, rocks, and more rocks!

Roots, roots, and more roots!

All to side step or trip upon.


Then can you believe snow fields

in august for slipping on slush

both up and down many times?

Where in the dickens is that

De Pencier Bluffs?  Please,

GPS give us some help!


Well after a rock climb with few footholds

but many bushes to grab we found

daylight at the top.

A small cairn to which we added a

few rocks was surrounded by

magnificent vistas, awesome quietude

and time for an apple snack


Then down, down, down past a bear

on the way back to town.

My goodness, what a morning!


by William White






Ean Jackson's picture


Last fall, Jason and I built a little rock cairn.  Did you find it?  I think I buried a plastic superhero in the middle  smiley

reaganwhite's picture

found the little cairn

My pop and I watched your's and Jason's video the night before the hike.  We found the little cairn you set up.  We doubled the size of the cairn - Dad was really into the spirit of that.  No plastic superhero was found however.  Sure you didn't just imagine that?  

Ean Jackson's picture


Ask Jason.  BTW, that bear he remembers was really me with my shirt off...

Jason Eads's picture

Might have seen the same bear, too!

I remember seeing a particularly wild & furry feller up there mowing down LOADS of blueberries, but enough about Jackson, there was also a bear exhibiting the very same behavior!
Sibylle's picture

Nice one, Reagan.  What a

Nice one, Reagan.  What a perfect day for a hike up De Pencier.

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