Eric's 2012 resolutions

  • Chuckanut
  • Vancouver 100 (strictly more than half the distance)
  • Kneeknackers
  • a 100k (Foolish run, maybe?)
  • Frosty 50k, faster than 2011 time of 7:50
  • Participate to 10 CFA events
  • Pick up garbage (!)
  • Bag all the peaks within reach of public transit, without a bike (list TBD, but it's a somewhat objective criteria). In other words, something like all the peaks below and including the line: Runner, The Needles, Crown, Harvey. (West Lion excluded.)
  • 3 waterbags out of the 4 I can think of: Cypress range, Grouse range, Seymour range, a peak up from Lions Bay.
  • Run the TCT from Horsehoe Bay to Langley, with the Boundary Road -> Langley section in one go. Run more of the TCT than Ean.
  • Run to/from work at least once a week.