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I need some advice on running strollers because I'm going to become a dad sometime in late June.  Yep, that's right... as scary a thought as that might be, I'm passing on my genes! 

So far my research says the Chariot is the way to go. 

I'd appreciate any experience, suggestions, thoughts.




Congrats big guy!

Glad to hear your spec'ing out the jogging stroller and not just a 'stroller'!

I can't wait to see curb as 'Super Dad'!

All the best bro!

PS as far as strollers go if i had to do it again i think the chariot rocks and I also think you can adapt it to be a 'trailer' for behind the bike.  I found I used the kid trailer a lot, this enabled me to ride casually with friends etc.



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Congratulations Curb!!!

If you want advice from ultrarunners, then you should go with the ultimate endorsement for a running stroller...from non-other than the only person to have actually run around the earth....Jesper Olsen. He used a Chariot....it lasted the entire two years & bazilion miles. Don't think he ever put in a child in it, though...but he raved about it's sturdiness.

thx for the tips

Great tips, I appreciate the input.  I was wondering about the wrist strap,  I'll make sure to get one. 

Jackson I'll give you a call when I get back from Mexico.  We're doing the best of both worlds...having some Olympic experiences this weekend and a few more when we get back plus we're getting out of dodge for a week!  I'll have a margarita or two for you.



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Hi There,

I wanted to give you some input on my experience with the Chariot. I bought it 3 years ago and it's been a blessing as it allows me to have running and kid time at the same time, otherwise it would e impossible. Eric is now 5 years and a mighty 40-pound boy and I still go out and take him with me regularly.

The Chariot is such a good brand. It keeps the kid dry no matter what.  plus the heavier the kid, the more you get a full body workout.   My son loves it going for runs. I bring some snacks so he gets a distraction as well. I found that getting the kid motivated to get in the stroller, makes the run much more enjoyable. Park stops are a must.

Couple of reasons why I recommend the Chariot: reselling value, adaptability (bike carrier, x-country, etc for some models, warranty, service, canadian made).

Couple of reasons why I recommend buying the stroller: kids get use to go out of the house even in the pouring rain, they learn the positive values of being fit and doing it together is even more fun.

Nothing beats the feeling of showing up to the daycare with a stroller to pick up your kid, while all other parents get in a car... I got more wows! and good looks pushing that stroller than I'll ever get in my best outfit!

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Hey Curb,

'Hell of a way to let the cat out of the bag.  Congratulations to you both!

Technology has changed a bit since I was faced with the same challenge about 13 years ago.  Also, we started with a single (Norco, if I recall), upgraded to a double when the need arose and also got a double bike trailer thingie.  Sorry, blew them all off on Craigslist when kids got their own bikes.

Some thoughts:

  • make sure whatever you get has a wrist strap and that you wear it.  My experience showed that the thing can get away on you
  • make sure it has some storage space... just in case you have to stop and change a diaper. (Yeh, it goes with the territory, bro.  Ask me about my first experience at same in an airplane the next time we're out for a long run.  Oh, BTW, we might have to wait about 4 years before you get that chance  =;-)
  • you want this for show or for practical purposes (e.g. combine walkies with your run?)  IMHO, not much point in getting a fancy, shiny one for the roads and a knobby tires, all-terrain model for the trails, as you'll likely only be using the thing for a year or two.  

Hope this helps!



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 Wow, Congratulations!

 Wow, Congratulations!  

We've been off the baby jogger for a number of years so my input might not be relevant, but I'll share anyway ;-)  We had a Norco stroller and loved it.  In general terms, I'd look for the following features:

  • metal wheels opposed to plastic (similar to bike wheels and tires).  
  • a mechanism that allows you to lower the back (i.e. the Norco had extra material that you could expand by opening two zippers to allow the baby to snooze)
  • easy to buckle harness
  • good brakes
  • wrist strap
  • some sort of storage area
  • rain cover

I also invested in a fleece zip up bag that had openings for the harness in the bag, as blankets always slide off.  Back then, this thing was custom made,  I think now they are available in kiddo/stroller stores.  

There were models that could be used for both bikes and running, but back then you ended up with a lousy baby jogger and a lousy bike attachment...I ended up with a used bike trailer and the Norco jogger.  

Very little ones should not be placed in a jogger because of lacking neck support.  

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