Monday night speed work

I'll be doing regular speedwork at Point Grey Secondary track in Kerrisdale on Monday nights; would love to share the pain and have other runners join me. 

Time: 6:45 p.m.

There is no cost and no coaching; this is very informal.  We can be doing different lengths and speeds but still support each other.  I figured there might be other runners out there like me who can't make it to the typical Tues/Thurs. night clinics.  We can suffer together

BTW...your actual speed doesn't matter.  I wouldn't consider myself "fast" by any stretch.  If you're currently doing speedwork on your own and this fits into your schedule come on out!

Contact me at [email protected] if you're interested.




Monday night speed work

Hi Curb,

Will you start next week?  I am tempted to stay in Vancouver after work and join you.  I love track workouts...not reallly, but I need to incorprate speed workouts into my training.


still on

Hi Wendy,

yes I've started but won't be there the next two weeks (Feb. 15, 22) as I'm off to Mexico.  If you're in Cabo join me for a run on the beach

Back at it on March 1. 


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