De Pencier Bluffs

Sometimes it is better to forge your own path and sometimes it is better to follow the map.  Tonight it was better to follow the map but we chose not to.  Looking at De Pencier from the first bump we were pretty certain we could see a good route and set off.  Getting closers we were keen not lose any height so we kept heading directlyish until we reached a cliff and Geoff and I decided Stetson wasn't going to be able down climb it (being a dog) so we went for a bush wack and got out of the main obstacle without incident.  Getting back to the marked trail we got to the summit and got harassed by bugs (they were bad) and then ran back to the car.

Still snow in the shady areas of Seymour, two more hot weeks should clear it up though.



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De Pencier can be suprisingly

De Pencier can be suprisingly tricky even when following the trail ;-)  

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for some more than for others

I live at the base of Seymour and I could be standing on top of the bluff without knowing it. I have to find a seasoned fat ass to apprentice with. I know they are out there.

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