Lynn in the bag.

My second peak of the year has been succesfully bagged. The snow is mostly gone above the last lookout (blink and you'll miss it...) and Lynn Peaking is as easy as it ever was. All that melted snow made for a couple nice mud pits along the way, and on the return trip I twisted my ankle as bad as I've ever twisted an ankle. Anyone have any intel on the sword and shield carved in the rock at the viewpoint?  

(Sword photo is from some months ago, there's no snow up there anymore.)


Matt K's picture


I don't know who did the sword or why, but there's a crown with the name "Campbell" inscribed on it at the top of Burwell. Same style as that. If I recall, there's also similar carvings on the Seymour summit. Wish whoever it is would cut it out.


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