I Kneeknackered Black.

I guess since I ran the Kneeknacker, I can lay claim to Black, although it sort of feels like cheating when there's people at the top filling your water bottle and snapping pictures...


David Crerar's picture

Bagging Black

As in past years, all Kneeknackerers get Baggage for Black. Congratulations!
Marc's picture

Those volunteers are rockstars

No doubt about it. Hauling the goods and fighting the bugs all with a smile on their faces.

Hope you had a good race. I saw you race your son across the finish line. Good job inspiring the future generation of knee knackers.

I hope to be there again next year, but if I loose out in the lottery I'll try and volunteer.

Ean Jackson's picture

Nice job

on bagging Black... and on bagging the KneeKnacker!

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