South Lynn Peak - Water Bag / Rob's first RUN

 I originally had big plans with my housemate Rob to go climb the N ridge or Roach this past weekend, but with a 100% chance of showers on Saturday and a deteriorating Sunday forecast for Lytton we stayed home and slept in Saturday.   But waking up in the city after planning to escape it made me antsy, so I managed to convince Rob to come on a run with me.
Rob had previously told me that he "didn't like running"
I told him he just didn't like running in Ontario on roads... BC is different.

A bit of convincing and a few hours later we were in Deep Cove with big plans to run along the BP to Lynn Peak, then traverse the peaks, and head down Norvan falls.  By this time it was 1pm (perfect starting time, ha), so all I had told Rob to bring was a headlamp.



We left at 1:30pm and started along the Baden Powell.  We made it up and across Seymour fairly quickly, then we branched off onto Bridle Path when we got into the LSCR.  I spaced out and missed a turn and we ended up at the bottom of Neds, so we followed the powerlines till we could get onto the Mystery Creek Trail.  

Around this point in the run Rob informs me that what he meant by "I don't like running", was actually "I've never run before."

Well Rob, this is one way to start.

We b-lined it for Lynn Headwaters park by taking the Twin Bridges Trail & Headwaters connector trail.  By this point our pace was starting to noticeably slow down.  Rob asked me why his hip flexors hurt so much, I told him it was because he was hungry for the top.  By the time we were on our way up the Lynn Peak trail, we were crawling.  Things looked grim.  Rob hurt so much that we were going at a pace that wasn't keeping either of us warm.  I started to realize we might be settling for just one peak (if any at all).  I tried to motivate Rob with some home baked cookies.  It worked.  We got to the "Lynn Peak" lookout 3 hours after leaving Deep Cove, and lazily made our way to South Lynn Peak.

We back tracked to the trail to continue North.  I was torn.  It didn't seem smart to continue with Rob in this condition, so we decided to call it a day and head back.  
Rob perfected the downhill crab walk on the way down Lynn Peak.  We grabbed some hot drinks and bus fare(it was cold up there... for July) from the End of the Line General Store.  Rob got on the bus to head back to the car and I took off on the BP again.  For timings sake I followed trails that followed the Seymour river down to Seymour's pub and called it a day there.  Rob showed up 5 minutes later with the car.

I guess it should be noted (for the Bagger Challenge - canine division) that Mia "the Ultra Dog" was on this trip and completed the ~35km with me.

Good day, despite not reaching our goal(s).


Ean Jackson's picture

A great cure

for wanting to ever run roads in Ontario again! 

BTW, I hear Tundra and Roxy are both wondering about this Mia who calls herself an "Ultra Dog"

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